Precipitation Hardening (e.g., PH, 17-4) Ferrous Metals and Iron Alloys Datasheets

MIM 17-4 H1100
from Kinetics Metal Injection Molding

Material Description: Precipitation-hardening stainless steel. Offers a good balance between corrosion resistance and strength. Magnetic. Hardenable to various strength levels and hardness by varying the aging heat treat temperature. Typically provides better corrosion resistance than the 400 series... [See More]

  • Features: Powder Metal Parts or Stock; Corrosion Resistant; Precipitation Hardening; Wear Resistant
  • Shape / Form: Fabricated Parts or Shapes (Castings, Forgings, Machined Parts, etc.)
  • Type: Stainless
  • Processing, Temper & Finish: Hardened / Heat Treated (optional feature)
Nickel Alloy -- NiSpan-C® 902
from Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc.

NiSPAN C 902® is a precipitation hardenable Nickel-Iron alloy (49Fe - 5.3Cr - 2.5Ti -.55Al) with a controllable thermoplastic coefficient which is the alloy's outstanding characteristic. The alloy can be processed to have a constant modulus of elasticity at temperatures from -50 to 150°F. The... [See More]

  • Features: Wrought; Corrosion Resistant; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn; Precipitation Hardening
  • Shape / Form: Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes; Coil Stock; Foil; Wire; Wire - Profile, Round, Flat; Ribbon; Strip
  • Specifications & Grades: AMS; UNS
  • Processing, Temper & Finish: Annealed