Bulk Solids / Granules Calibration and Reference Standards Datasheets

1,4-Sorbitan (USP grade powder) -- 51R-U616008
from Fitzgerald Industries International, Inc.

1,4-Sorbitan (USP grade powder) chemical reference substance. Background: Sorbitan is a mixture of chemical compounds derived from the dehydration of sorbitol. The mixture can vary, but usually consists of 1,4-anhydrosorbitol, 1,5-anhydrosorbitol and 1,4,3,6-dianhydrosorbitol. Sorbitan is primarily... [See More]

  • Type & Form: Bulk Solids or Granules; Powders
Baghouse Dust -- CRM014-050
from Inorganic Ventures

50g size, real world CRM [See More]

  • Type & Form: Bulk Solids or Granules; Inorganic Chemicals
1-Benzhydryl-3-methanesulfonatoazetidine -- 979
from Medical Isotopes, Inc.

1-Benzhydryl-3-methanesulfonatoazetidine [See More]

  • Type & Form: Bulk Solids or Granules