Cylindrical Robot Robots

Y and Z Axis Cylindrical Robots
from IntelLiDrives, Inc.

A cylindrical robot has at least one rotary joint at the base and at least one prismatic joint to connect the links. Along the joint axis, the rotary joint uses a rotational motion; along the prismatic joint, it moves in a linear motion. Their movements occur within a cylindrical-shaped work... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cylindrical
  • # of Axes: 2
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Y-axis Travel: 50 to 320
Robotic Rotary Assembly Station -- X-Y Robot Rotary Indexing System
from Visumatic Industrial Products

This turnkey, four-station rotary indexing assembly station drives multiple fasteners simultaneously, with horizontal and vertical heads, X-Y robots, rotary indexing tables, and with torque/angle control. The Visumatic Advant-edge. Adept Robot for X-Y positioning. Sensor package controls the drive... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Cylindrical (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 2
  • Drive System: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Industry / Application: Robotic Assembly
FlexPicker™ Industrial Robot -- IRB 360
from ABB Robotics

With increased speed, higher payload and a smaller footprint, the new FlexPickerTM IRB360 is the "second generation" robot for pick and place applications. The IRB 360 comes in clean room versions and a stainless wash down version suitable for open food industries. The robot is IP 69K certified and... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cylindrical; Pick and Place Robot (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 3 to 4
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Load Capacity: 1 to 3
SCARA Robots YKX Series
from Yamaha Motor- Robot Division

YAMAHA's unique structure of directly coupled motor and reduction gears (completely eliminating belts) and strengthened drive system brings about even higher rigidity and high speed motion. This improves the practical motion performances with a tool and work piece actually held in place. The model... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cylindrical; SCARA
  • # of Axes: 4
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Load Capacity: 8 to 21