Pedals:Other Foot Switches Datasheets

Foot Switch with Thermoplastic Enclosure -- KF 4
from steute

Features / Options. 4-pedal type. Thermoplastic enclosure with metal base plate. Max. 2 contacts per pedal. Wiring compartment. Reed contacts for low currents from 1 mA to 1 A. Micro switches for current load up to 5 A. Available with Hall sensor: Analogue output signal proportional to pedal travel. [See More]

  • Pedals: 4
  • Configuration: Normally Open
  • Switch / Action Method: Snap Action Switch; Reed Contact
  • Maximum Current: 1 to 5
Medical Foot-operated Switches MF1-4

The BERNSTEIN Medical Foot-Opertated Switches MF1-4 are ergonomically designed, elegant, safe and easy to clean. In terms of design and technology, BERNSTEIN has developed the latest product line of medical foot-operated switches to suit the specific requirements of our customers in the medical... [See More]

  • Pedals: One (optional feature); Two (optional feature); Three (optional feature); 4
  • Maximum Current: 10
  • Configuration: Normally Open; Normally Closed
  • Maximum AC Voltage: 240
Foot Switch
from Dewert Motorized Systems

Non-slip pedal surface, function LED, additional weights can be added [See More]

  • Pedals: Two; Four
  • Function: Maintained
  • Switch / Action Method: Snap Action Switch
  • Base Material: Thermoplastic / Plastic
Foot Switch FSE
from LINAK U.S. Inc.

Features: • To be used together with the following control. boxes: CB7, CB8, CB9, CB9P..Px (not CB9..PM/..PN),. CB12, CB14, CB140, CBJ, CBD1 and CBD2. • Protection class: IPX6, on the electronic boxes. (not for wash tunnels). • Colour: grey and dark grey pedals. • Control of one... [See More]

  • Pedals: Four Pedals
  • Function: Momentary; 1-Stage
  • Switch / Action Method: Snap Action Switch
  • Pole and Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Single Throw