Mounting:Other Heat Sinks Datasheets

Heatsink For TO-252, TO-263 and TO-268 Devices -- D Series
from Ohmite Manufacturing Co.

These surfacemount heatsinks are extruded not stamped. This extruded designs are far more efficient than any stamped counterpart. One of the main issues is getting heat from the board level into the heatsink. The extrusion allow for large pads and a direct thermal path from the board and into the... [See More]

  • Device: Passive Heat Sink
  • W: 25.9 to 40.2
  • L: 13
  • H: 10.16 to 12.1
Board Level Heat Sink -- 217-36CTE6 [217-36CTE6 from Wakefield Thermal Solutions]
from Richardson RFPD

Compatible with surface mount technology (SMT) automated production techniques for ease of assembly and a variety of soldering methods, these heat sinks allow greater packaging densities and reduction in PC-board area, increasing the power dissipation of surface mount devices (SMDs) while... [See More]

  • H: 9.14
  • Thermal Resistance: 16
  • Mounting: Surface Mount
103910 [500400B00000G from Aavid Thermalloy, LLC]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Square basket-type heatsink suitable for BGA and high-power LED packages. Holes provided for screw fixing. For Use With = BGA. Length = 45.97mm. Width = 38.1mm. Height = 31.75mm. Dimensions = 45.97 x 38.1 x 31.75mm. Thermal Resistance = 5K/W. Mounting = Screw. Colour = Black [See More]

  • L: 46
  • H: 31.75
  • W: 38.1
  • Mounting: Screw
Thermal Management > Heat Sinks > Extruded Heat Sinks -- HSE-B1711-032
from CUI Inc.

Extruded Heat Sink, TO-220 [See More]

  • L: 25
  • H: 11
  • W: 16
  • Heat sink Fin Style:: Extruded Heat Sink
Heat Sink for Solid State Relays RLS Series
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

Solid state relay de-rating curves are used to determine the actual current the relay is capable of carrying vs. the ambient temperature in the enclosure. It also indicates the heat sink required to dissipate the heat the relay produces at the ambient temperature. Failure to dissipate the internally... [See More]

  • Device: Passive Heat Sink
  • W: 1.77 to 4.75
  • L: 3 to 5
  • H: 2.37 to 3.74