Agricultural Chemicals / Pesticides Gas Chromatographs

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Multi-Dimensional GC/GCMS System -- MDGC/GCMS-2010
from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

The MDGC/GCMS-2010 is a MDGC system which gives you a excellent separation performance and high reproducibility with the multi-deans switching technology, and supports analyses of complex matrixes like petroleum products, aromas, and optical isomers, with intuitive operation, and ease of... [See More]

  • Application: Agricultural Chemicals / Pesticides; Industrial Gases; Inorganic Chemicals; Organic Chemicals; Petroleum
  • Oven Operation: Oven; Temperature Programmable
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured
  • Oven Temperature Range: 39.2 to 662
Pesticides Analysis System
from O. I. Analytical

Detectors for organochlorine, organophosphorus, and organosulfur pesticides [See More]

  • Application: Agricultural Chemicals / Pesticides
  • Oven Temperature Range: 32 to 2012
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured
  • Pump Flow Control: Flow Control