Specialized & Other Inputs:Other Data Acquisition Systems and Instruments Datasheets

Data Acquistion Server -- Model 3700
from Badger Meter

The Badger Meter Model 3700 is a powerful data acquisition system that allows users to log data easily and efficiently. No special software is required to set up the 3700 as most standard web browsers will communicate with it. Meter connections can be made to one of the eight inputs or via the... [See More]

  • Inputs: Flow Meter
  • Data Logger: Datalogger
  • Analog Channels: 8
  • Form Factor: Modular Bay or Slot System
5B isoLynx® SLX200 Data Acquisition System -- SLX200
from Dataforth Corporation

Dataforth Corporation's SCM5B isoLynx ® SLX200 data acquisition system is fast, intelligent, modular, and fully isolated. As it implements industry standard Modbus RTU and TCP protocols, the SLX200 enables communication with a wide variety of existing third-party software drivers and HMI/SCADA... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input (optional feature); RTD Input (optional feature); LVDT (optional feature); Bridge Input (optional feature); Potentiometer
  • Differential Channels: Yes (optional feature)
  • Analog Channels: 60
  • Digital I/O Channels: 128
Expandable Modular Data Acquisition System -- iNET-400 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The iNET-400 system is a low cost card cage that attaches to Windows computers via USB 2.0. The advantage of a card cage is that you can select which I/O modules to install as needed to build a customized system. The instruNet card cage typically has one A/D measurement module and additional modules... [See More]

  • Inputs: Accelerometer Input (optional feature); Thermocouple Input (optional feature); Thermistor Input (optional feature); RTD Input (optional feature); Bridge Input (optional feature); potentiomete
  • Form Factor: PC Board (optional feature); Modular Bay or Slot System (optional feature)
  • Differential Channels: Yes (optional feature)
  • User Interface: Computer Programmable (optional feature)
Programmable Temperature Transmitter -- Series 441
from Pyromation, Inc.

The Series 441 programmable RTD/thermocouple temperature transmitter is a two-wire transmitter with an analog output. It has measurement input for resistance thermometers (RTDs) in 2, 3 or 4 wire connections, thermocouples, and voltage signals. Setting up of the transmitter is done using the... [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; RTD Input; Resistance
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail; Head Mount
  • Accuracy: 0.0800
  • DC Voltage: (-10to 100) mV
Digital Recording System -- PP116
from 4DSP Inc.

The PP116 is a high performance data acquisition and processing platform dedicated to digital recording applications. The PP116 CompactPCI based card comprises eight 2MSPS A/D channels as well as four Virtex-4 FPGAs. Real-time recording can be easily achieved by connecting the FPDP or fibre channel... [See More]

  • Inputs: A/D Channels
  • Digital I/O Channels: 0
  • Analog Channels: 4
  • Data Logger: Datalogger
CO2/Temperature/Humidity Data Logger -- TR-76UI
from CAS DataLoggers

The TR-76Ui data logger is a three-channel logger designed to simultaneously measure and record carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity. Making atmospheric pressure settings for the measurement location ensures more stable and accurate C [See More]

  • Inputs: Thermistor Input; Humidity, CO2
  • Data Logger: Datalogger
  • Analog Channels: 3
  • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount; Handheld
Industrial Notebook -- TransPAC-6300
from Cepoint Networks, LLC

Rugged, portable and expandable, for use in MIL-STD-1553 bus analysis [See More]

  • Inputs: Accelerometer Input; Avionics
  • AC Voltage: 95-265 VAC
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone; MIL-STD-810
  • AC Current: 4/2 Amps
Instrumentation Amplifier -- Model 502M
from Encore Electronics, Inc.

The Model 502M is a general purpose battery-operated signal conditioning amplifier for use with strain gages, displacement sensors and accelerometers. Ideally suited for field application with four-channel, battery-operated tape recorders and similar instruments. Constant current diodes are provided... [See More]

  • Inputs: Accelerometer Input; Bridge Input; Displacement
  • AC Voltage: 115 V AC
  • Form Factor: Rack Mount
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
AC Output VDC Logic -- G4OAC5A5FM
from Opto 22

Opto 22 ’s G4 AC output modules are used to control or switch AC loads. Each module provides up to 4000 volts of optical isolation (transient) between field outputs and the control side of the circuit, and each features zero voltage turn-on and zero current turn-off. This AC output module is... [See More]

  • Inputs: Logic
  • Isolation: Isolated Digital Outputs
  • Digital I/O Channels: 2
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
LXI High Performance Video Multiplexer -- 60-721-001
from Pickering Interfaces US Inc.

The 60-721 High Performance Video MUX is designed for the switching of RF signals in 75 systems at frequencies up to 1GHz. It is ideal for 75 monitoring applications that require a multiplexer to select one channel to be routed to measuring equipment. The automatic connection of unused channels into... [See More]

  • Inputs: Video
  • Isolation: Channel-to-Channel Isolation
  • Analog Channels: 24
  • Form Factor: Rack Mount (optional feature); Stand-alone (optional feature)
Cougar Portable Vibration Control and Analysis System
from Spectral Dynamics, Inc.

PUMA / COUGAR Vibration Control and Analysis System. Revolutionizing Vibration Testing. PUMA (Cougar for portability) utilizes Spectral Dynamics' innovative Computer-Aided Test Suite ™ (CATS) architecture. Both take full advantage of the PC's powerful Intel processor and Windows XP technology. [See More]

  • Inputs: Shock Sensor
  • Differential Channels: Yes
  • Analog Channels: 32
  • Digital I/O Channels: 52
BPMS™ Body Pressure Measurement System for R&D
from Tekscan, Inc.

BPMS measures the pressure distribution of a human body on support surfaces such as seats, mattresses, cushions, and backrests. The thinness of the pressure mats enables the user to confidently incorporate the sensor into the application without altering the characteristics of the support surface. [See More]

  • Inputs: Pressure
  • Host Connection: USB
  • Auxiliary Outputs: Digital
  • Application: General Lab & Industrial