Other Plastic Timing Pulleys (inch) Datasheets

Max-M-Driver; PULLEY; TIMING PULLEY -- TP20L3U6-10
from Berg W.M., Inc.


  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Teeth: 10
  • Pitch Type: 0.200" (XL)
  • Belt Width: 0.4375
Timing Pulleys
from Belt Technologies, Inc.

Timing pulleys have either teeth or pockets, located radially around the outside diameter of the pulley body. Teeth engage timing holes in the metal belt; pockets engage drive lugs on the belt ’s inner circumference. It should be noted that even in these pulleys, the driving is accomplished by... [See More]

  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Mounting and Features: Simple Bore
  • Material: Aluminum; Steel
H Series - Plastic Material Timing Pulley -- Double Flange
from Onvio LLC

Timing belts are being used in higher performing applications every day. As these applications evolve beyond the every day power transmission application, designers are looking to optimize the design of the system including the pulleys. At Onvio, we specialize in producing customized pulleys which... [See More]

  • Component Type: Timing Pulley; Timing Pulley Stock (optional feature)
  • Teeth: 14 to 120
  • Pitch Type: 0.500" (H) Call 603-685-0404 For Details
  • Material: UHMW, Delrin, Nylamid, etc
28T, XL Pulley w/ Hub -- 1639
from Tiny-Clutch | Helander Products, Inc.

We have a wide variety of pulleys available, they can be added to our clutches or purchased separately. [See More]

  • Component Type: Timing Pulley
  • Teeth: 28
  • Pitch Type: 0.200" (XL)
  • Belt Width: 0.5580