Computer DC-DC Converters Datasheets

Ink Jet Printer Power Supplies -- GMH8-23P-07 Series
from Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

The Series GMH8 is a range of compact DC-DC converters developed to fulfil the specific requirements of continuous ink jet printers. The Model GMH8-23P-07 is a compact, lightweight unit providing a positive polarity output for new generation print heads that do not require dual polarity. Two outputs... [See More]

  • Application: Computer
  • Display: None
  • Style: Module
  • Output Power: 0.6000
NI PXIe-4112 2 Ch, 60 V, 1 A Power Supply -- 782857-01
from National Instruments

2 isolated channels of 60 V, 1 A per channel. Built-in voltage and current readback capability. Flexibility to combine channels for 120 W per module. Maximum sampling rate of 5 kS/s. Hardware-timed output and triggering for optimal test throughput. Output disconnect relays and remote sense to... [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Instrumentation
  • Display: None
  • Style: Module
  • Output Power: 120
PC/104-Plus ATX DC/DC Power Supply -- PPM-DC-ATX-P
from WinSystems, Inc.

The PPM-DC-ATX-P is a PC/104-Plus module that produces five regulated DC voltages from a common DC input. It features a very wide voltage input range from 10 to 50 volts. This allows the unit to operate with 12, 24, or 48 volt battery or distributed DC power systems. Features. Wide input range: 10V... [See More]

  • Application: Computer
  • Number of Outputs: 3
  • Style: ATX; Board; Open Frame
  • Voltage: +3.3 V; +5 V; +12 V; -12 V; 5V Stand By
1U Pluggable Power System -- 2 Outputs 600 Watts
from AJs Power Source, Inc.

Universal AC input, PFC compliant to EN61000-3-2, no minimum load [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Instrumentation; Laser; Medical; Telecommunications; Industrial
  • Display: Analog / Visual Indicator Display; Front Panel LED's
  • Style: Cabinet (optional feature); Desktop (optional feature); Rack Mount (optional feature)
  • Output Power: 600
1+1 Redundant Industrial Power Supply -- ORION-D3002DDP
from American Portwell Technology Inc.

300W -48V DC input DC/DC mini-redundant ATX power supply [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Telecommunications
  • Display: None
  • Style: ATX; Rack Mount
  • Output Power: 300
Mini Series -- ACE-845V
from Arise Computer, Inc.

Suitable for LCD panel PC application, MTBF > 20 years [See More]

  • Application: Computer
  • Display: Graphic / Video Display
  • Style: Open Frame
  • Voltage: +5 V; +12 V
460W Power Supply, 48V DC Input -- DS460SDC Series
from Artesyn Embedded Technologies

The DS460SDC-3 series is a compact 460 watt bulk front end power supply that offers a conversion efficiency of 90% at full load. It is ideal for systems that use distributed power architectures (DPA), especially in computing, storage, networking and datacom, and provides colocation centers with a... [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Telecommunications
  • Output Power: 460
  • Display: None
  • Efficiency: 90
DCL 150 Series -- DCL 150S-4
from Behlman Electronics, Inc.

Low cost, highly reliable, switch mode units for industrial/MIL application [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Military (optional feature); High End Industrial
  • Display: None
  • Style: Desktop; Module
  • Voltage: +2.5 V (optional feature); +3.3 V (optional feature); +5 V (optional feature); -5 V (optional feature); +12 V (optional feature); -12 V (optional feature); +15 V (optional feature); -15 V (optional feature); +24 V (optional feature); -24 V (optional feature); +28V (optional feature); -28 V (optional feature); +30 V (optional feature); -30 V (optional feature); +48 V (optional feature); -48 V (optional feature)
BPD-R500 Series -- Model BPD-R500-120
from BluTek Power, Inc.

Redundant operation, single wire current sharing, diode isolation [See More]

  • Application: Computer
  • Output Power: 500
  • Display: None
  • Number of Outputs: 1
Jupiter-MM-LP -- JMM-LP-XT
from Diamond Systems Corporation

5VDC at 25W max, 7-31VDC input, 80% - 92% efficiency [See More]

  • Application: Computer
  • Output Power: 25
  • Style: Board; Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Efficiency: 92
CompactPCI® Power Supply -- DPCI174-1022-4SS
from Jasper Electronics, Inc.

Features: • Standard PCI Output Voltages: 5.0V, 3.3V, +/-12.0V, with Variable Currents. • Hot Swap, N+1 Redundant with Integral OR-ing Diodes. • Standard 47 Pin or 32 Pin DIN Connector Configurations. • Much More [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Instrumentation
  • Display: Analog / Visual Indicator Display
  • Style: Board; Open Frame; Rack Mount
  • Output Power: 175
OnPower™ 20 -- PRV-0411X-02
from Parvus Corporation

PC/104 compatible, quad output [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Military; Medical (optional feature); Telecommunications; Industrial, Transportation
  • Display: Analog / Visual Indicator Display
  • Style: Board
  • Number of Outputs: 4
DC/DC Converter -- DR1P5-05S05
from Pduke Technology, Inc.

PI type input filter, five-sided EMI shield [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Military; Instrumentation; Laser; Medical; Telecommunications; Data Acquisition, Transportation
  • Device Type: High Frequency
  • Style: Board; Open Frame
  • Display: None
Isolated Power Supply -- 41-720-XX-YY-ZZ-B
from Pickering Interfaces US Inc.

The 41-720 Isolated Power Supply module provides fixed output voltage power supplies suitable for powering devices under test that have a medium power consumption. The module is ideal for providing fixed voltages to the device under test and can significantly reduce the space needed by the test... [See More]

  • Application: Computer
  • Display: None
  • Style: Module; Rack Mount
  • Number of Outputs: 3
Industrial ATX Power Supply -- IATX-100U-24DC
from Power Solutions

UL, CB, TUV approvals, higher wattage with optional forced air-cooling [See More]

  • Application: Computer; Instrumentation
  • Display: None
  • Style: ATX; Open Frame
  • Output Power: 100
iQor™ -- IQ65033QMA10
from SynQor, Inc.

The IQ65033QMA10 iQor ™ Power Interface Module integrates all features required by the AdvancedTCA Base Specification into a Quarter-Brick footprint. The iQor offers industry leading external hold-up capacitor volumetric density for a compact overall solution. At a 90V hold-up capacitor voltage... [See More]

  • Application: Computer; ATCA Power Interface Module
  • Device Type: High Current
  • Style: Board; Open Frame
  • Display: None