Style:Other DC-DC Converters Datasheets

High Voltage DC to DC Converter C30 Series (ROHS Compliance) -- C30-3.3/Y
from American Power Design, Inc.

The C30 Series of DC/DC converters offers a single output to 28Vdc and 500 Vdc of isolation. They are available in either PC or Chassis mount configurations. Their rugged enclosure, low output ripple, and excellent regulation characteristics make them ideally suited for applications such as process... [See More]

  • Style: PC or Chassis Mount
  • Display: None
  • Device Type: High Voltage
  • Output Power: 30
DC DC Converters -- 179-2264-ND [CPD250-4530 from Bel Power Solutions & Protection]
from Digi-Key Electronics

PWR SUP 250W 3.3/5/12/-12V QUAD [See More]

  • Style: Module; Compact PCI®
  • Output Power: 250
  • Application: Instrumentation; ITE (Commercial)
  • Efficiency: 82.2
IA Series DC/DC Converter -- IA0503D
from XP Power

21 Watt. • Dual Output. • SIP or DIP Package. • 1000 VDC Isolation. • -40 ºC to +85 ºC Operation. • 3 Year Warranty [See More]

  • Style: DIP
  • Application: Military (optional feature); Instrumentation
  • Display: None
  • Output Power: 1
CONV DC/DC 0.5A 9-72VIN 3.3VOUT -- 70052257 [R-78HB3.3-0.5 from RECOM Power, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

CONV DC/DC 0.5A 9-72VIN 3.3VOUT [See More]

  • Style: Encapsulated
  • Output Power: 1.65
  • Application: Instrumentation; Industrial
  • Number of Outputs: 1
Jupiter-MM -- JMM-512
from Diamond Systems Corporation

Dual output of +5V/+12V, 50W max, 92% efficiency, 7-30VDC input [See More]

  • Style: Board; Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Display: LED's
  • Device Type: High Frequency
  • Application: Air and Ground Vehicle
DC-DC Converters DCDC Series -- Model DCDC-130-12
from DuraComm Corporation

DCDC Series Features: 1000 Watts of power. Low Voltage Disconnect (on select models). Meter: Voltage/Amperage selectable. Protections: short circuit / overload / over temperature. Remote Control On/Off. Output DC OK signal (open collector signal). 2000 VAC I/O isolation [See More]

  • Style: Panel Mount
  • Application: Instrumentation
  • Display: None (optional feature); Analog / Visual Indicator Display (optional feature)
  • Output Power: 1000
from Enhance Electronics

Open Frame [See More]

  • Style: U-Frame
  • Output Power: 120
DC/DC Converter -- PD150WAD Series
from Mega Electronics, Inc.

4:1 wide input range, trimmable output voltage, metal shielding, CV/CC mode [See More]

  • Style: Chassis Mount
  • Output Power: 200
  • Application: Instrumentation; Telecommunications; Networking
  • Efficiency: 87
DC to DC Converter -- DAC2812D
from MSK Products

Description. The DAC2812D and DAC2815D DC-DC converters provide the ruggedness, reliability and features required to meet the advanced design challenges of today's hi-rel market. This has been accomplished while retaining a power density of 15 W/in3 and 375 mW/gram of power/package performance. The... [See More]

  • Style: Surface Mount
  • Application: Military; Hi-Rel
  • Display: None
  • Output Power: 6
Modular Controller Power Supply -- M4PS125D
from Opto 22

Modular Controller Dc Power Supply 125v [See More]

  • Style: Open Frame; Panel Mount
  • Application: Instrumentation
  • Display: None
  • Number of Outputs: 1
BusQor™ -- BQ55120ETL16
from SynQor, Inc.

With voltages dropping and currents rising, the economics of anIntermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) are becoming more attractive,especially in systems requiring multiple low voltages. IBA systemsseparate the role of isolation and voltage scaling from regulationand sensing. The BusQor series bus... [See More]

  • Style: Board; Open Frame; Low Profile
  • Display: None
  • Device Type: High Current
  • Application: Instrumentation; Telecommunications; Datacom, Industrial
DC:DC Industrial Converted for Photovoltaic Applications - TCDC 7001 Smarty
from Tamura Corporation of America

Industrial DC:DC Converter for Photovoltaic Applications. Features: 24 Watt DC Power Supply. Wide DC Input Range. Isolation and Control. 80% Efficiency Typical. UL1741, UL1012 and CSA22.2 certification. APPLICATIONS: - Smart Combiner box assemblies. - Remote Sensors and Security Power Source. -... [See More]

  • Style: DIN Rail; Side Screw Mounting
  • Application: Photovoltaic Applications
  • Display: Analog / Visual Indicator Display
  • Output Power: 24
PRM Regulator -- P024F048T12AL
from Vicor Corporation

Stand-alone non-isolated voltage regulator ,wide input range [See More]

  • Style: J-Lead Package Mount
  • Application: Instrumentation
  • Display: None
  • Output Power: 120
Airborne DASS Power Supply Unit -- EP1338
from XCEL Power Systems, Ltd.

bull; Using Standard Modules. • 6 week Development Cycle. to Delivery. • BITE Capacity. • Over Voltage Protection. GENERAL SPECIFICATION. ¨ 28 V DC Input. ¨ Multiple Outputs +3V DC @ 10A, -5V DC @ 1.5A, +12V Dc @ 0.5A, -12V DC @. 0.2A, +15V DC @ 3.6A, -15V DC @ 1.6A. ¨... [See More]

  • Style: Module; Surface Mount utilised
  • Voltage: +3V DC @ 10A, -5V DC @ 1.5A, +12V Dc @ 0.5A, -12V DC @ 0.2A, +15V DC @ 3.6A, -15V DC @ 1.6A
  • Display: None
  • Minimum: -15