Output is a Switch or Relay Contact UV and Visible Spectrometers Datasheets

Spectroscopic Analysis In Frying And Other Edible Oil & Fat Applications -- OPTIQUAD EOF 4050 W
from KROHNE Messtechnik

Spectroscopic analysis system for the continuous inline measurement of FFA. Non-contact measurement of free fatty acids in frying oil. For use in dynamic control loops. High precision and long-term stability. The innovative OPTIQUAD-FFA 4050 W is used to measure the free fatty acids (FFA) in frying... [See More]

  • Output Options: Analog Current; Switch or Relay
  • Monochromator: Monochromator
  • Photometric System Design: Other
  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode; Other; Laser Diode
EPP2000-HR High Resolution Spectrometer -- UV3
from StellarNet, Inc.

The EPP2000-HR High Resolution fiber optic spectrometers are available in several low cost models for UV, VIS, and NIR applications. The cost is a $500 HR upgrade from a standard EPP2000. The HR spectrometers have double the resolution over standard models with the same grating. The wavelength range... [See More]

  • Output Options: Switch or Relay
  • Light Source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp; Double Deuterium; Light Emitting Diode; Other; Xenon
  • Photometric System Design: Non Scanning; Other
  • Detector Type: Diode Array; Charge Coupled Device