Reinforcement Material:Other Timing Belts (metric) Datasheets

AT10-16 Series -- 32 76 000
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

The accurate meshing of the belt teeth with the teeth of the input and output pulleys ensures positive synchronous power transmission. Slag and the resulting speed variations are excluded and a constant angular velocity is guaranteed. In conjunction with the AT profles it is possible to reach... [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: AT 10mm
  • Belt Material: Polyurethane
  • Belt Width: 16
  • Reinforcement: Reinforced; Wound Stainless Steel
HabaSYNC® Self-tracking Timing Belt -- T5-A-05
from Habasit America

Trapezoid teeth with a 40 ° tooth angle are spaced on 5 mm centers. Food grade blue thermoplastic polyurethane with 90 Shore A protects the aramide tensile member and ensures smooth handling of wet foodstuff. Our polyether TPU provides good wear resistance on the tooth side and withstands... [See More]

  • Belt Width: 10 to 25
  • Number of Teeth: 180
  • Belt Length: 900
  • Belt Material: Polyurethane
Double Moulded FDA Sausage Belt
from Bervina Ltd.

Bervina offers toothed timing belts made of FDA material that can be used well in the food and pharmaceutical industry because the quality allows the belt to get in direct contact with the goods as it is made of environmentally friendly components, non-toxic materials with stainless steel... [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: T 5mm
  • Belt Length: 625
  • Belt Width: 32
  • Reinforcement: Reinforced; Stainless Steel
Synchronous Belt - Type S2M -- HTUN100S2M-40

Polyurethane construction, Aramid fiber reinforcement [See More]

  • Metric Pitch: S 2mm
  • Belt Length: 100
  • Belt Width: 4
  • Number of Teeth: 50