Other   Industrial Hose Datasheets

Portable Water Application Hose Set -- DHSP
from Deltrol Controls/Division of Deltrol Corp.

Hose sets for potable water applications. Applications. • Coffee/espresso machines. • Vending equipment. • Ice maker equipment. • Water purification equipment. • Appliances. • Potable water applications. Features. • NSF certification on select options. •... [See More]

  • Application: Food / Beverage; Other  ; Appliances, Potable Water
  • Working Pressure: 150
  • Product Form: Assembly
  • Burst Pressure: 750
"Pneumo" Low Pressure Air Hose
from Kuriyama of America, Inc.

The Pneumo fathometer system or "Pneumo" is usually contained in the commercial diver's air manifold box. It uses a small volume of low pressure air to measure the diver's depth. Our high-quality PVC compounds enable this hose to perform extremely well as a low-pressure air hose versus standard... [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Pneumatic; Other  ; Diver's Pneumo Hose
  • I.D.: 0.250
  • Product Form: Hose
  • O.D.: 0.500
Silicone Hose
from National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

NBE silicone hose is a 2-ply wire helix design with filament fiberglass cord ideal for extreme termperature applications from -65 °F to +600 °F. NBE silicone hose I.D. ranges from 1 to 12 inches; and is available in standard length of 12 feet. [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Ideal for Extreme Temperature Applications
  • I.D.: 0.750 to 6.000
  • Product Form: Hose
  • Temperature Range: -65 to 600
from RS Components, Ltd.

FESTO PUN series polyurethane tubing offers a wide range of variants for maximum flexibility in standard pneumatic applications. The PUN series can operate with compressed air, water and vacuum. Hose Inside Diameter = 7mm. Hose Outside Diameter = 10mm. Colour = Blue. Material = Polyurethane. [See More]

  • Application: Pneumatic; Other  ; Push In Systems
  • O.D.: 0.394
  • I.D.: 0.276
  • Working Pressure: 145
Coaxial Hoses for Limited Motion Point-of-use Applications
from Saint Clair Systems, Inc.

Coaxial HosesDesigned for limited motion point-of-use applications, our coaxial hoses surround the material path with temperature controlled water to create a flexible tube-in-tube heat exchanger.The photos at left show our proprietary hose block design, available in single core and duplex designs... [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Temperature Control
  • Product Form: Assembly
Airspray Product Hoses

Flexible and light. Different lengths to fit your work shop. Different materials are available. ► For configurations and part numbers, please refer to the Documents tab. Performance. PE (Polyethylene) internal sheath : compatible with most solvent. Polyamide: reduces pressure loss (recommended... [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Air Spray Painting
  • Working Pressure: 102 to 145
  • Product Form: Hose
  • Temperature Range: 140
Grease Gun Extension Hose -- 317850-1 [317850-1 from Alemite LLC]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

12"' Use w/Hand Operated Grease Guns; 4,800 psi; 12,000 psi Burst Pressure [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Hand-Operated Grease Gun
  • Working Pressure: 4800
  • Product Form: Assembly
  • Burst Pressure: 12000
High Performance Hose -- 1180 Series
from DME Company

Series 1180 is ideally suited for the transfer of pellets, granules and other abrasive materials. This hose features a heavy wall tube made of urethane, a resilient material known for its abrasion resistance and long term performance under demanding conditions. A rigid PVC helix provides... [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Other  ; Plastic Molding Equipment Applications
  • Specialized Construction: Corrugated
  • Product Form: Hose
  • Media: Air
Biodiesel Hose
from Eaton Hydraulics Group

Ushering in the future of sustainable hydraulics, Eaton ’s biodiesel hose products are tested and engineered for superior performance in tank-to-tank transfer and high-temperature engine applications. Whatever the use —trucks, buses, agriculture, construction, eco-friendly power... [See More]

  • Application: Agricultural; Automotive; Other  ; Bioddiesel
  • Product Form: Assembly
High pressure hose assemblies for calibration applications. -- HP022X018
from FasTest, Inc.

High pressure hose assemblies for calibration applications. [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Calibration applications
  • I.D.: 0.125
  • Product Form: Assembly
  • Working Pressure: 9100
Black Thermoplastic Rubber Coated Super Reinforced Non-Woven Polyester Fabric Hose -- Flexadux® TR T-7SR 10.0
from Flexaust

bull; Thermoplastic rubber coated super reinforced non-woven polyester fabric hose with a spring steel wire helix. • Combines the ozone, UV, weathering, & chemical resistance of thermoplastic rubber with the tensile strength & fatigue resistance of fabric hoses. • Offers better... [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Other  ; Industrial Air Movement, Dust Control
  • I.D.: 10.000
  • Product Form: Hose
  • Weight: 1.2
Grease Hoses
from G.L. Huyett

Made of thermoplastic construction with a 9/64" ID and 21/64" OD, these hoses are suitable for hand operated grease guns. Custom lengths are available. To prevent hose kinking, order the spring mount version. Grease hoses available with a spring provide additional rigidity to the hose to prevent... [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Grease Guns
  • Working Pressure: 3000 to 10000
  • Product Form: Assembly
  • Burst Pressure: 12000 to 28000
Coaxial Paint Hose -- CPH - 4
from Hosco Finishing System Components

Hosco Teflon Paint hose is constructed of FEP Fluoropolymer, which has excellent chemical resistance and dielectric properties, thermally superior to most other plastics, and flushes cleanly during color changing processes. It is also moisture proof, which makes it a good choice for two component... [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Painting
  • I.D.: 0.250
  • Product Form: Hose
  • O.D.: 0.350
Severe Service Flexible Hose -- MORR-TUFF™
from Morris Coupling Company

Four types of PVC material handling hoses to meet a wide variety of bulk conveying system requirements. Suitable for both vacuum and pneumatic conveying applications. Available in: Sizes range from 1" through 8" I.D. MORR-CLEAR ™ – economical food-grade PVC hose. MORR-CLEAR ™... [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Severe Service Applications
  • I.D.: 1.000 to 8.000
  • Product Form: Hose
  • O.D.: 1.940
Biodiesel and Ethanol Service - Composite Hose -- Uni-Bio Fuel 101
from Novaflex Group

Uni-BioFuel 100, a special alternative fuel composite hose designed to handle all grades of Bio-Diesel including 100% B100 neat bio-diesel and E85 - 85% ethanol fuel blends. Uni-BioFuel composite hoses are built with a specialized combination of high performance films and fabrics designed to handle... [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Fuel Hose
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 212
  • Product Form: Hose
  • Material: Metal; Carbon / Alloy Steel
"Zero-E" Series Hose of Teflon® -- ZE-10
from Titeflex Corporation

The metallic foil layer creates a permeation barrier to minimize effusion [See More]

  • Application: Automotive; Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; Other  ; High Pressure CO2
  • I.D.: 0.512
  • Product Form: Hose
  • O.D.: 0.790
Black Piranha SHP Sewer Hose -- 60650
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Piranha hose products are an innovative process that adds value to your sewer hose purchase by adding life to the hose. This sewer hose is a must when the application calls for extreme durability while maintaining flexibility. Piranha sewer hose construction consists of a yellow olefin tube with a... [See More]

  • Application: Other  ; Sewer Hose
Verderflex® Hose -- VF10
from Verderflex

Wall thickness maintained throughout hose, extremely long hose service life [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Other  ; Peristaltic Hose Pump Applications
  • I.D.: 0.375
  • Product Form: Hose
  • O.D.: 1.260