Flexible Hose Fittings Datasheets

Flexible PVC Fitting, 180 Degree U-Bend for 1" OD Tubing -- GO-31545-17
from Cole-Parmer

bull; Introduce the element of flexibility to rigid tubing systems. • Absorb shock and accommodate vibration. • Excellent angular flexibility â € “ up to 180deg!. These fittings provide flexibility for expansion and contraction in rigid tubing systems. For use with any... [See More]

  • Special Features: Flexible
  • Material: PVC/CPVC
Push Fit Fittings
from Elkhart Products Corporation (EPC)

Today, EPC is part of Aalberts Industries is one of the world's largest manufacturers of wrot copper fittings and also recognized as a versatile supplier of custom fabricated tubular products to original equipment manufacturers in several industries, including automotive and air conditioning and... [See More]

  • Special Features: Flexible (optional feature); Reducing (optional feature)
  • Design Units: English
  • Fitting Style: Adapter (optional feature); Cap/Plug (optional feature); Coupling (optional feature); Elbow45° (optional feature); Elbow90° (optional feature); Tee (optional feature); Wye (optional feature)
  • English: 3/8" (optional feature); 1/2" (optional feature); 3/4" (optional feature); 1" (optional feature); 1¼" (optional feature); 1½" (optional feature); 2" (optional feature)
Wine Hose Fitting -- PCTFPCTF Series
from PT Coupling Company

Wine hose fitting [See More]

  • Special Features: Flexible
  • Design Units: English
  • Fitting Style: Adapter
  • English: 2"; 3"