Nozzle Form:Other Nozzles Datasheets

Multi-Orifice Button Nozzles for Electric Heads -- pn-4343
from Adhesive & Equipment, Inc.

Nozzles require retaining nut KSRN100. If you do not see the nozzle you need, just call and we can drill it for you! [See More]

  • Form: Button Nozzle
  • Features: Multiple Orifices
Clump Series -- Clump 125
from BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.

Design Features of Tank Washing Nozzles. Each nozzle in the stationary cluster is a BETE clog-resistant full cone nozzle of the MaxiPassTM series. Can be supplied with various other BETE nozzles for any desired application. Female connection. Spray Characteristics of Tank Washing Nozzles. Spherical... [See More]

  • Form: 6 nozzles
  • Application: Cleaning; Tank Washing
  • Media: Chemical; Water
  • Flow: 442 to 1176
BFL Flooding Spray Nozzle Ball
from BEX Spray Nozzles

SPRAY CHARACTERISTICS: A wide, flat shaped spray with low impact. The spray is deflected 75 ° from the centerline of the nozzle. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: - Flooding Applications [See More]

  • Form: 75° Angle
  • Application: Cleaning
  • Media: Chemical; Water
  • Flow: 16.2 to 534
40° Flat -- 4050
from Henkel Corporation - Automotive

Pop in design, spring clamp, oversized o-rings to provide better sealing [See More]

  • Form: Adjustable
  • Application: Painting
  • Media: Adhesive; Chemical
  • Flow: 150 to 300