Serial Interface Dry Material (Powders) Level Switches Datasheets

Probe Mounted Level Switch -- 2882-LS
from Arjay Engineering Ltd.

Over 40 years of capacitance experience. stands behind the 2882-LS Level Switch. As a. liquid or solid rises or lowers around the. probe, the capacitance field changes. This is. monitored and used to control the two. onboard relays. • no moving parts. • electronics are integral to probe. [See More]

  • Communication Interface Options: Digital Serial
  • Max Current Rating: 10
  • Pole and Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT)
  • Max AC Voltage Rating: 240
Chemically Resistant Sensor -- ToughSonic CHEM 10
from Senix Distance and Level Sensors

The ToughSonic CHEM 10 is a chemically resistant ultrasonic sensor designed for applications where corrosive liquids or gasses are present, but it is an excellent choice for benign environments as well. With a maximum range of 10 feet (3 meters), it is the smallest sensor in the ToughSonic CHEM... [See More]

  • Communication Interface Options: Digital Serial
  • Switch Type: Electro-mechanical switch (optional feature); Solid-state switch
  • Measuring Range: 4 to 120
  • Configuration (Normal State): Normally Open (NO); Normally Closed (NC)