Other Code Type Rotary Coded DIP Switches Datasheets

Rotary Arrow DIP Switches -- PT65112 [PT65112 from APEM Components, Inc.]
from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

The most robust seal offered on any DIP rotary. 4 to 16 position DIP rotaries with extensive coding. Thru-hole mounting, completely sealed for process compatibility. Features. 3 + 3 terminal layout. Completely sealed for process compatibility. Ultra-compact size with 10 or 16 positions. Precision... [See More]

  • Circuit Code: Other Code Type
  • Other Code Type: Binary Coded Decimal, 4 Positions
  • Actuator Specifications: Pushwheel or Thumbwheel Style
  • Max Current Rating: 0.4000
Low Profile Rotary DIP Switches -- RTE Series
from C&K Components

Features/Benefits. Thru-hole and surface mount models. Miniature size with robust stainless steel cover. Rotary SPDT, SP3T, SP4T functions. Rotary binary-decimal and hexadecimal coding. RoHS compliant. Typical Applications. Timers, automation components. Computer and peripherals. Alarms, access... [See More]

  • Circuit Code: Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) (optional feature); BCD Complement (optional feature); Hexadecimal (optional feature); Gray Code (optional feature); Other Code Type (optional feature)
  • Other Code Type: Single Pole
  • Actuator Specifications: Flush Actuator
  • Max Current Rating: 0.1000