Scale Units:Other Mechanical Pressure Gauges Datasheets

Preso Differential Pressure Gage -- GMD Series
from Badger Meter

Preso gages measure differential pressure (DP) between two points. Flush panel mount ing, pipe mounting, and surface mounting as well as por ta ble kits are available for various fi eld. applications. Flow rates are determined using the principle. that the difference in pressure is proportional to... [See More]

  • Scale Units: pounds per square inch (optional feature); GPM, cfm, etc
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.7225 to 21.68
  • Type: Differential
  • Diameter: 6
Pressure Gauges, MPa/Kgcm2
from HydraCheck Inc.

Highest quality, liquid-filled gauges. Features a stainless steel case for protection in harsh environments. Intended for adverse service conditions where pulsating and vibration exists. Suitable for gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system. Features: Pressure ranges up to... [See More]

  • Scale Units: kg/cm2; MPa
  • Working Pressure Range: 8702
  • Type: Gauge; Liquid Filled
  • Connection Size: 0.2500
Absolute Pressure Capsule Gauge -- CG-100
from Becker Pumps Corporation

Used at lower absolute pressures, or higher relative vacuum levels [See More]

  • Scale Units: Milibars and Torr (mmHg)
  • Vacuum Range: 100 to 0.0
  • Type: Absolute; Vacuum
  • Sensor Technology: Inconel X750
Dynamic Pressure Sensors -- 954M2
from Columbia Research Labs, Inc.

The Models 954M2 and 954M5 Integrated Dynamic Pressure Gages are designed for the measurement of dynamic pressure events, such as explosive blasts and high level pressure pulses in the frequency range of 1 Hz to 15KHz. The pressure sensing area will sustain continuous operating temperatures up to... [See More]

  • Scale Units: pounds per square inch; mV/psi
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.0 to 3500
  • Type: Gauge
  • Connection Size: 0.8750
Inclined Filter Loss Manometer -- FL1.5

Low cost 'at a glance' filter condition check, calibrated for life [See More]

  • Scale Units: Pascals, in wg, mm H20
  • Working Pressure Range: 14.7 to 14.75
  • Type: Gauge
  • Accuracy: 1
Model 130 Series -- 130-AC
from Mid-West Instrument

The Model 130 diaphragm isolated Differential Pressure Switch is CSA Certified to both the Canadian and U.S. Standards and U.L. Listed to the U.S. Standards. The entire assembly is Certified for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, & G Hazardous locations. [See More]

  • Scale Units: bar (optional feature); Inches of Hg (optional feature); cm of Hg (optional feature); Feet of H2O (optional feature); kg/cm2 (optional feature); oz/in2 (optional feature); Inches of H2O (optional feature); kPad
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.0 to 14.45
  • Type: Differential
  • Connection Size: 0.2500 to 0.5000
1000 Series Piston Type Gauge -- 25-10
from NOSHOK, Inc.

Accurately measures the pressure drop across filters, pumps, strainers, separators and valves. Maximum static or working pressure to 6,000 psi. 2-1/2 and 4-1/2 inch sizes - back or side connected. Rugged case construction with weather-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure. Single piece construction of ceramic... [See More]

  • Scale Units: psid
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.0 to 6000
  • Type: Differential
  • Connection Size: 0.2500
SP Pressure Gauge with Syphon and Cock
from Spirax-Sarco

Pressure gauge with 100 mm diameter dial with units marked in bar, psi and inches hg for vacuum as appropriate and having a BSP connection. The gauge is supplied with either: Ring type syphon tube and cock or a 'U' type syphon tube and cock. Bourdon tube gauge, constructed in accordance with DIN... [See More]

  • Scale Units: pounds per square inch; bar; MPa
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.0 to 580
  • Type: Gauge
  • Connection Size: 0.3750
Cordless, Portable Electronic Vacuum Gauge -- DVR 2

The DVR 2 is a fully electronic, versatile vacuum gauge for the measuring range from atmospheric pressure to 1 mbar/torr. The DVR 2 has an integrated pressure transducer made of alumina ceramic with outstanding corrosion resistance and superior long-term stability. A particular advantage is its... [See More]

  • Scale Units: bar (optional feature); cm of Hg (optional feature); mbar, hPa, Torr
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.0145 to 15.66
  • Type: Absolute; Vacuum
  • Diameter: 3.25
PTK Series Pressure and Temperature Kit -- P9S90223R99STAT
from Winters Instruments

Description & Features: • A portable kit with durable carrying case to protect the test instruments between uses and test locations • Includes two thermometers for high or low temperature tests • Pressure gauge includes secondary adjustable set pointer to assist the operator in... [See More]

  • Scale Units: pounds per square inch; Kilopascals; Feet of H2O; Meters H2O
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.0 to 100
  • Type: Gauge
  • Connection Size: 0.2500