SCSI CompactPCI and PXI Bus Interfaces Datasheets

NI PXI-8214, Ultra2 SCSI Interface -- 778503-01
from National Instruments

The National Instruments PXI-8214 is an Ultra2 SCSI interface for PXI, based on the LSI53C895A SCSI controller. The NI PXI-8214 transfers data at rates up to 80 Mbytes/s on a low-voltage differential SCSI bus. You can use the PXI-8214 to connect up to 15 hard drives, CD-ROMs or other SCSI devices to... [See More]

  • Interface to Other Buses: SCSI
  • Card Format: 3 U Eurocard
  • Technology: PXI
  • Operating System: WIN95/98; Windows NT; Windows 2000; Windows® XP