Carrier Type:Other Carrier Cards and Carrier Boards Datasheets

COM Express Type 6 Carrier Cards -- ACEX-4600
from Acromag, Inc.

ACEX-4610: Single-width with one XMC/PMC site and two Mini PCIe sites. ACEX-4620: Double-width with two XMC/PMC sites and two Mini PCIe sites. Acromag ’s ACEX-4600 Type 6 COM Express carrier cards employ a number of key features that are critical for successful use in the rugged environments... [See More]

  • Carrier Type: PMC; XMC Carrier
  • Bus / Form Factor: 125mm x 165mm or 200mm x 165mm
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier
6U CompactPCI® Media Carrier Board -- MIC-3960
from Advantech

The MIC-3960 is a 6U-high 1-slot CompactPCI media carrier board, with one slim CD-ROM. Designed to be highly cost-effective and simple to use, the MIC-3960 adds value to any CompactPCI system. It can easily expand storage capacity once placed in Advantech ’s MIC-3042B series enclosures. [See More]

  • Carrier Type: CompactPCI
  • Bus / Form Factor: 6U CompactPCI
from AAEON Electronics, Inc.

XTX Carrier Board. Main Feature. Supports XTX Module. RJ-45 x 1, Support 10/100Base-TX Ethernet. VGA, LVDS Connector. 5.1 Channel Audio (Optional). PATA Connector x 1, SATA Port x 2. USB Port x 3, COM Port x 4. PCI Express [x1] Slot x 2, PCI Slot x 1. ExpressCard Slot x 1, Mini-PCI Slot x 1, Mini... [See More]

  • Carrier Type: XTX Carrier Board
  • Bus / Form Factor: PCI-Express, PCI
3.5" ECX Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module -- PQ7-C100XL
from American Portwell Technology Inc.

3.5" ECX Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module [See More]

  • Carrier Type: Qseven Module
  • Bus / Form Factor: 3.5" ECX
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier
from Monroe Engineering

The XVME-9076 carrier provides dual-channel PMC support for two PMC expansion modules. Each PMC card uses its own bus resource. The four lanes of PCI Express enables highspeed connection for 1GB bandwidth in each direction to the Xembedded XVME-6200 Core2 Duo VMEbus processor. The XVME-9076 allows... [See More]

  • Carrier Type: VME Carrier
  • Bus / Form Factor: VME Size-B (6U x 160 mm)
  • Carrier Class: Intelligent Carrier
  • Bus Width: 32-bit; 64-bit
Cardmount Subrack -- CM45A65-1
from Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.

Different width modules may be inserted without guide changes [See More]

  • Carrier Type: Accepts CM45A65 Card Mount Modules