Material:Other Wear Strips, Wear Plates, and Wear Parts Datasheets

Wear Rings - HiMod® Slydring® for Piston
from Seals-Shop GmbH

HiMod ® Slydring ® prevents metal-to-metal contact between piston / rod and bore / gland, absorbing transverse loads. Easy to install, the Slydring ® demonstrates good compressive strength and good dry-running and wiping performance. Medium to high loads are permissible. [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Glass Re-inforced Polyacetal
  • Thickness: 0.0984
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Industry / Application: Manufacturing; Construction; Automotive or Transportation; Hydraulics
C93200 (SAE 660) Bronze Wearplates
from Bunting Bearings, LLC

High-Leaded Tin Bronze. CDA 932. SAE 660. 83-7-7-3. ASTM B505. Bunting continuous cast bronze bars of C93200 give superior quality and performance. Continuous casting achieves a high density grain structure, free of porosity, resulting in a reduction of tool wear and component rejects.. Wearplate is... [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Bronze
  • Thickness: 0.2500 to 3
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Industry / Application: general purpose bearing, bushing and washer material with good anti-frictional properties
Silicone Treated Surface -- DuraSurf™ STS
from Crown Plastics Co., Inc.

DuraSrf STS. DuraSurf STS is a revolutionary product in that it not only possesses a Silicone Treated Surface, but is also available with an adhesive backing for easy installation. The very low coefficient of friction provides a lubricated surface that is virtually maintenance free. DuraSurf STS is... [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Silicone
  • Thickness: 0.0310 to 0.1250
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Industry / Application: Manufacturing; Plastic
Amorphous Carbon-filled Anti-static PTFE
from Fluoro-Plastics, Inc.

Anti-Static PTFE - Amorphous Carbon powder additive. Increased hardness. Increased thermal conductivity. Adds to creep resistance. Excellent wear properties when combined with graphite; carbon/graphite compounds preferred for non-lubricated piston rings. Softer carbon additive lowers tool wear... [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Fluoropolymer; PTFE
  • Thickness: 0.0100 to 0.2500
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Industry / Application: Plastic
Wear Rings -- WRM
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

The wear ring helps keep the piston centered which allows for more even wear and pressure. Hi-Tech Seals provides wear rings in many different materials with our standard material being a Nylon. Wear rings are used in both piston and rod applications. Three different cut styles are available for the... [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Nylon, PTFE, Phenolic, and PEEK
  • Industry / Application: Hydraulic and Pneumatic, cylinder and rod applications
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
OILES Sintered Alloy Wear Plate -- CWP-CTP
from OILES America Corporation

Can be used for any sliding direction [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Metal; Sintered Alloy and Steel
  • Thickness: 0.7874
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
A Series Wear Plates
from SelfLube, Inc.

A Series Wear Plates come in inch sizes but differ from the N Series in that the large chamfer runs along the length rather than the width of the part, which is useful in certain applications. Like the N Series, it is available in plain steel, aluminum bronze with graphite and steel with graphite. [See More]

  • Liner Materials: Plain steel, bronze with graphite and steel with graphite
  • Thickness: 1
  • Function: Abrasion or Sliding Wear
  • Industry / Application: Mold and Die