Muting Light Curtain Controllers Datasheets

Muting Controller Box -- 445L-AMUTBOX1
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

Some processes require that a machine must stop when personnel enter the dangerous area, yet remain running when automatically fed material enters. In such a case, a muting function is required. The Allen-Bradley ® 445L Muting Controller Box from Rockwell Automation ® offers a comprehensive... [See More]

  • Controller Features: Has Muting Feature
  • Controller Mounting: Wall Mount (Metal Enclosure)
Muting Bypass Units -- FMC 1/2

The FMC Focus Muting Connector is a small, optimal unit which is used when the Focus Light Curtain or Light Grid is required to be bypassed for in and out passage to and from a dangerous area. The FMC unit is easily connected to Focus with an M12 connector. The FMI Focus Muting Indicator is a small... [See More]

  • Controller Features: Has Muting Feature
  • Relays per Light Curtain: 1
  • Controller Mounting: Cabinet or Rack Mount; Wall Mount (Metal Enclosure)
  • Light Curtains Controlled: 1