Lamp Type:Other Lighting Controls Datasheets

DMX512 Controller -- GWDMX
from Greenwich Instruments Ltd.

The GWDMX is a small and simple DMX controller, just plug it in and go! It can be used direct from a PC USB port as a DMX interface or can be programmed with scenes or sequences of scenes and controlled using the ten buttons on the device, enabling it to be used without a PC. With it's ultra low... [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Theatrical Lighting Equipment
  • Controller Type: DMX Programmable Controller
  • Application: Interior (optional feature); Exterior (optional feature); Commercial; Theatrical
  • Voltage: 5V, ~60mA (USB mains power)
MDS Dimmer Module -- MDSDM
from Leviton Manufacturing

Modular Dimming System (MDS) dimmer modules are used in conjunction with MDS dimmer cabinets. [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Fluorescent Lamps; Incandescent Lamps; Quartz, Low Voltage, Cold Cathode
  • Controller Type: Dimmer Module
  • Application: Interior; Commercial
  • Voltage: 115/120V; 208-230/240V; 277 VAC 60 Hz; 347 VAC 60 Hz
Anti Cycling-Photo Diode Sensor -- AC-PD
from PLC-Multipoint, Inc.

The AC-PD is the most revolutionary photo-control of the 21st century and brings street lighting into the new millennium. One control fits any type of fixture, from lamps sizes of 70 watts to 500 watts and voltages up through 347VAC and it is compatible with any ballast type. With the new internally... [See More]

  • Lamp Type: High Pressure Sodium Lamp
  • Controller Type: Daylight Sensor
  • Application: Exterior; Ports; Roadway; Industrial; Industrial Plants
  • Lamp Power: 70 to 500