Illuminator Type:Other Illuminators Datasheets

Direct Illumination Strobe -- MVS-4000
from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

MVS-4000: Direct Illumination Strobe, 12 VDC, 50 Hz, 9-pin D-connector. The Excelitas MVS 4000 Mini Strobe produces high intensity, short duration light pulses for industrial vision applications. Operated in conjunction with a CCD/CID solid state video camera, this unit front-lights or back-lights... [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Backlight; Front-Light
  • Wavelength: 300 to 1100
  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Voltage: 11 to 15
Co-Axial Fiber Optic Ring Light
from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

Titan Tool has combined the best features of a Vertical Co-Axial Illuminator with Fiber Optics for the Co-Axial Ring. The result is an illuminator so bright that it will easily illuminate a work piece as far as 10" to 12" and further from the Lens System. The illuminator serves a distinct function... [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Ring; Fiber Optic Ring Light
  • Fiber Optic Length: 42
  • Illuminator Features: Fiber Optic
SquareEye™ Series -- SE240
from 2 Bit Inc.

240 red or white LEDs, heat sink w/ 2 fans, 1.5 amp, front or end cord exit [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Area Light
  • Active Area Length: 9.5
  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode
  • Active Area Width: 2
from Advanced Illumination, Inc.

Designed to provide low angle of incidence illumination over a wide area [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Line; Dome; BALA
  • Active Area Length: 20.62
  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode
  • Active Area Width: 0.8200
Long & Short Range IR Illuminator -- 8211-80-20
from ANVS, Inc.

Illumination distance: 264' angular coverage: 20 ° [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Spotlight
  • Wavelength: 880
  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode
  • Voltage: 12
AC ACCENT LIGHT KIT -- LK2225/943562
from Cool-Lux

Innovative compact design and light quality led the Mini-Cool to be nominated for a Technical Oscar. It â € ™s size, efficiency and unique air-draft ventilation system made it NASA â € ™s choice to be the first video light in space.More importantly, Mini-Cool has... [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Photography Light
  • Illuminator Output: 100 to 150
  • Voltage: 12 to 120
FO150 -- FTIII 10005
from Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.

FTI designs and manufactures a family of Light Sources specifically designed for fiber optic lighting. All are state-of-the-art, conforming with the latest CSA or ETL and CE certifications. Our Quartz Halogen light source models, valued for uniform output and inexpensive replacement lamp, and our... [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Spot (optional feature); Ring (optional feature); Line (optional feature); Backlight (optional feature); Structured Light (optional feature)
  • Lifetime: 200
  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Color Temperature: 3350
Lumatec UV Light Source -- UV-LIGHTSOURCE
from Gradient Lens Corporation

The Lumatec UV Light Source allows Hawkeye borescopes to be used in aeronautics, aerospace and automotive industries for fluorescence inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT). A liquid light guide (sold separately) is required. [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Super Pressure Short Arc Mercury Lamp
  • Lifetime: 1500
  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Wavelength: 320 to 400
Bar Light -- CA-DBB13

CA-DBB13 - Blue Bar Light 132 mm [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Line; Led Bar Light
  • Active Area Length: 5.59
  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode
  • Active Area Width: 0.6700
Koehler Illuminator -- KI-120
from Labsphere, Inc.

For uniform illuminance, adjustable iris diaphragm [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Adjustable
  • Active Area Length: 0.5512
  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Lifetime: 500
MetaBright™ Exolight™ 14 inch -- ISO-14
from Metaphase Technologies, Inc.

14" Metaphase ExoLights ™ produce whiter, brighter, and flicker-free illumination compared with fluorescent technology, with a 75,000hour LED lifetime expectancy. Isotropic lensing shapes a highly diffused and shadow-free beam of light. Metaphase Exolights ™ currently support a variety... [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Line; Linear Front Light
  • Active Area Length: 14
  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode
  • Lifetime: 75000
Area Array Illuminators -- AR-100
from Microscan Systems Incorporated

An Area Array's general purpose, unidirectional design (adjustable via mounting position) may be used for darkfield (creating shadows and specular reflection) or for brightfield lighting for diffused surfaces. As with other incident (or "front") lighting choices, subtle adjustments to working... [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Spot; Area Array
  • Active Area Length: 3.82
  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode
  • Active Area Width: 3.82
SpecBright™ LED Area Lights
from ProPhotonix, Ltd.

ProPhotonix SpecBright ™ LED Area lights are uniquely uniform while maintaining a very high level of brightness not possible with conventional through-hole or surface mount LED based illuminators. This is achieved by placing up to 100 chip-on-board LEDs, effectively Lambertian point sources,... [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Area
  • Active Area Length: 1.77
  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode
  • Wavelength: 470 to 740
V-LUX 1000
from Volpi Manufacturing USA, Inc.

1000 hrs. life, 3150K color temperature EKE, 4.5 kg, ULC, cold light source [See More]

  • Illumination Type: Ring (optional feature); Bifurcated gooseneck
  • Active Area Length: 0.1850
  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Lifetime: 1000