Fed-Batch Laboratory Reactors

BIOSTAT® CultiBag RM 20 optical Single-Use Bioreactor -- DH-020LORM-2
from Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

BIOSTAT ® CultiBag RM 20 optical DH-020LORM-2. BIOSTAT ® CultiBag RM single-use bioreactor for the cultivation of all cell types, including mammalian cells, plant cells, insect cells, stem cells and microbial cells. Application-driven packages are available for culturing from 100 ml to 300... [See More]

  • Reactor Operation: Batch; Fed-Batch
  • Number of Vessels: 1
  • Reactor Design: Other Reactor Design; Rocking Motion
  • Vessel Volume: 0.1000 to 10