Measurement Capability:Other Wafer and Thin Film Instrumentation Datasheets

Wafer Reader -- In-Sight® 1740 series
from Cognex Corporation

The intensely competitive global semiconductor industry demands ever more rigorous control of increasingly complex processes in order to maximize tool utilization and production yield; there is zero margin for error. The need to track wafers throughout back-end processing has never been more vital... [See More]

  • Measurements: Automatic Identification for Wafer Traceability
  • Mounting / Loading: In-process, in-situ or system mounted
  • Form Factor: Sensor or sensing element
  • Applications: Wafer
from Imego

MERMAID is a unique measurement instrument for analysis of liquid and thin film properties using magnetoelastic resonance (MER) sensors. Dynamic events such as viscosity change, phase transitions or bio film growth can be analyzed. The MER sensor can measure properties of either a coating on top of... [See More]

  • Measurements: Deposition rate; CMP, etching, process gas or plasma diagnostics; FilmThickness; Curing Rate
  • Mounting / Loading: In-process, in-situ or system mounted; Floor
  • Form Factor: ProbingSystem; Sensor or sensing element
  • Technology: Quartz crystal microbalance; Magnetoelastic Resonance Sensors (MER)
Aleris Family -- 8330
from KLA-Tencor Corporation

The Aleris Family of film metrology tools provides reliable and precise measurement of film thickness, refractive index, stress and composition for the 32nm node and beyond. Utilizing Broadband Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (BBSE) technology, the Aleris systems form a comprehensive metrology solution,... [See More]

  • Measurements: Composition (optional feature); FilmThickness; Refractive Index
  • Mounting / Loading: Floor
  • Form Factor: Monitor or instrument
  • Technology: Reflectometer
SigmaTech Wafer Metrology Systems -- UltraMap-TSV
from MicroSense, LLC

The SigmaTech UltraMap-TSV system is the world ’s first fully automated TSV and deep trench metrology system capable of characterizing TSV and deep trench features from both the front and back sides of the wafer —up to 300mm in diameter. The UltraMap-TSV system can be offered in class-1... [See More]

  • Measurements: Critical dimensions or Trench geometry; TSV
  • Mounting / Loading: Floor
  • Form Factor: Monitor or instrument
  • Applications: Wafer
Micro System Analyzer -- MSA-500
from Polytec, Inc.

The MSA-500 Micro System Analyzer is the premier measurement technology for the analysis and visualization of structural vibrations and surface topography in micro structures such as MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices. By fully integrating a microscope with Scanning Laser-Doppler... [See More]

  • Measurements: Flatness; Roughness / Waviness; Structural Vibrations & Topography
  • Mounting / Loading: Manual loading
  • Form Factor: Sensor or sensing element
  • Technology: Optical / Imaging; Laser Doppler Vibrometry
Laser Diode Bar Tester
from TELOPS, Inc.

The laser diode bar tester picks up each laser diode bar from the tape and measures LIV, wavelength and FFP characteristics for each die. [See More]

  • Measurements: Device, gate or circuit electrical testing; LIV, wavelength, & FFP Characteristics
  • Mounting / Loading: Floor
  • Form Factor: Monitor or instrument; ProbingSystem
  • Technology: Optical / Imaging; IV system or SMU; Wafer sorter or prober
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

The principle of the measurement method is shown below. A portion of a rectangular film specimen is heated by a modulated laser beam, which is a line heat source, made by scanning the laser spot rapidly with constant speed in the width direction of the specimen. Temperature waves, which propagate... [See More]

  • Measurements: Thermal Diffusivity/Conductivity
  • Mounting / Loading: Manual loading
  • Form Factor: Monitor or instrument
  • Technology: Modulated Laser Beam
Laser Machining Microscope -- MIC4
from WDI Wise Device Inc.

This is the only commercially available microscope guaranteeing transmission of more then 80% for all four YAG laser harmonics: 266, 355, 532, and 1064nm - without compromising the review channel fidelity. The MIC4 microscope is instrumental in laser repair of TFT arrays over the wavelength ranging... [See More]

  • Measurements: Defects, dimples or film residues; Thin Film and TFT Array Repairs
  • Mounting / Loading: In-process, in-situ or system mounted (optional feature); Floor (optional feature)
  • Form Factor: Monitor or instrument
  • Technology: Optical / Imaging