Other Mixer Type Laboratory Homogenizers Datasheets

Nail Homogenizer -- 099C E2000
from Glas-Col, LLC

The Nail Homogenizer is a hand-held attrition mill that easily pulverizes small nail samples for more reliable dermatological testing. When treated with 10% KOH, the micronized samples spread out rapidly and evenly beneath a cover slip, making study easier and more accurate. Pulverizing in the Nail... [See More]

  • Media Type: Powder or Granular
  • Mounting: Handheld
  • Mixer Type: Nail
Quadro® Mixing Unit w/ Serendip HSH -- Model HSH-0
from Quadro Engineering Corp.

Co-axial agitator for maximum mixing performance [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Mixer Type: High Shear Mixer
  • Capacity (volumetric): 0.7063 to 1.77
  • Mounting: Floor Mounted