Test Features:Other Cable Testers Datasheets

Cable Fault Meter -- PCE-180 CBN
from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

PCE-180 CBN is a handheld, portable, battery-powered wire tracer or cable locator that consists of an amplifier probe and acoustic signal or tone generator. This locating device is designed to detect wires or cables hidden behind walls or insulation. [See More]

  • Test Features: Fault Locator; Other; Detects wires and cables.
  • Configuration: Handheld
Cable Tester -- 31X6-04400
from CableWholesale.com

NETest-e cable tester [See More]

  • Test Features: Other; Remote Unit
  • Configuration: Handheld
  • Test Points: 1
  • Cable: LAN / Ethernet; Twisted Pair
Longitudinal Balance Bridge -- NH16455
from North Hills Signal Processing Corporation

The 800 MHz Longitudinal Balance Bridge (NH16455) is designed to measure the degree of unbalance to ground on balanced systems, cables and components such as CAT 6 or CAT 7 cables or patch cords per ITU-T Recommendation O.9. *North Hills Application Note 156 - “Measurement of Conversion Loss... [See More]

  • Test Features: Other; Longitudinal Balance Bridge
  • Cable: Patch; Cat 6
  • Configuration: Other; Small Box