Applications:Other Heat Exchangers Datasheets

C1X Economizer
from Cleaver-Brooks

The C1X has individual fin tubes compression-fitted to the liquid manifold for ease of tube replacement requiring no welding. It increases the amount of heat recovered by capturing both sensible and latent heat. The internal gas bypass can be used to maintain water temperature when too much heat is... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Industrial
Air / Air Heat Exchanger -- PAI 6043
from Pfannenberg

Efficient Cooling with Ambient Air. Cooling with ambient air is the most economical and energy efficient type of cooling. When ambient air is contaminated by dust, liquid or gases, the components which are integrated in the enclosure can be damaged if contact occurs. The use of a Filterfan ® is... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Aerospace / Aviation; Electronic or Power Supply Cooling; Food or Beverage Processing; HVAC; Marine; Oil Heating / Cooling
  • Type: Electric Fan
  • Technology: Air-Cooled
  • Temperature Range: 68 to 149
Inline Heat Exchanger -- XC Series
from Process Technology

For virtually any wet chemistry application. FEATURES. Ideal for one-pass cooling of chemicals dumping to waste stream and innovatively eliminates high costs associated with water aspiration. Less surface area required for same BTU exchange compared to most other fluoropolymer exchangers. Heavy... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Chemical Processing; Electronic or Power Supply Cooling; Virtually Any Wet Chemistry Application
  • Type: Spiral
  • Technology: ShellTube
  • Working Pressure: 25 to 30
Side Mount Heat Exchanger -- IQ10000HE-XF-126
from Ralston Metal Products Limited

Closed-Loop design specifically designed to mount on enclosures to remove heat without letting outside air into the sealed enclosure. This type of cooling is typically used to cool electronic equipment housed in a Nema rated enclosure which protects sensitive electronics from dust, splashing liquies... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Enclosure Thermal Management
  • Type: Electric Fan
  • Technology: Air-Cooled
  • Primary Material: Stainless Steel
from Saint Clair Systems, Inc.

Incorporating our new VTS no moving parts viscosity sensor, custom designed heat exchanger and optional pH electrode, in an easy to install modular package; our StablINK system is designed to eliminate process fluid variables by reducing temperature fluctuations caused by atmospheric conditions,... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Printing
Radient Tube Silicon Carbide Impeller -- SpyroCor™
from Saint-Gobain High Performance Ceramics, Refractories and Hexoloy® Products

Maximize Your Radiant Tube Furnace. How It Works. The SpyroCor ™ System is installed in the exhaust leg of your furnace. The patent pending, multi-fin twist design doubles the amount of surface area available. Input into the radiant tube burner is reduced and the energy available to the load... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Foundry Furnaces
  • Primary Material: Other
  • Technology: Spiral Finned Impeller
Coil-wound Heat Exchanger

Coil-wound heat exchangers (CWHEs) are required for a wide range of applications involving fluid treatment. They must support broad temperature and pressure ranges as well as single- and two-phase streams. SUNKAIER's custom-designs and builds CWHEs for the widest application spectrum, always meeting... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Chemical Processing; Used as Coolers, Heaters, Liquefiers, Vaporizers and Isothermal Reactors
  • Primary Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); Other (optional feature)
  • Technology: Coil-wound Heat Exchangers (CWHEs)
System Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger -- System I
from Thermo Fisher Scientific - Thermo Scientific Baths, Circulators & Chillers

Take advantage of an existing in-house water system for heat removal. Thermo Scientific ™ System Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers use less energy and cost less to operate than traditional compressor-based chillers. They provide a clean, stable, controlled, closed-loop water cooling system that... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Domestic water use.; Laboratory and General Process Cooling
  • Temperature Range: 41 to 95
  • Working Pressure: 43 to 60
  • Liquid Flow Rate: 2.5 to 3.0
Advanced Horizontal Unit Heater -- AH-12A-A
from Thermon Manufacturing Co.

AH - Advanced Horizontal Unit Heater. CCI Thermal Technologies Product Line- Ruffneck. Ruffneck ™ AH Series Advanced Horizontal Unit Heaters are designed for rugged industrial applications and can be used with a variety of heat transfer fluids such as steam, circulating hot water, and glycol... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Mining, Pulp & Paper
  • Type: Finned (optional feature); Spiral
  • Technology: ShellTube
  • Working Pressure: 450
HE Series Heat Exchanger -- HE-3-105
from Advantage Engineering, Inc.

ADVANTAGE plate heat exchangers isolate tower water from the water in contact with your processing equipment to keep your processing equipment clean and maintenance to a minimum. ADVANTAGE plate heat exchangers consist of a number of stainless steel transfer plates that are held in place between a... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Heat Exchangers can be used for a variety of process applications
  • Liquid Flow Rate: 215.0 to ?
  • Technology: Plate
  • Primary Material: Stainless Steel
Air Cooled Liquid Coolers -- Alfa-V VDD
from Alfa Laval Inc.

The Alfa-V VDD series is a wide range of heavy duty V-type dry coolers for air conditioning, refrigeration and various industrial applications such as water/glycol cooling or free cooling. For industrial applications, dry coolers are suitable for closed circuit cooling of various process liquids in... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: HVAC; Refrigeration; Industrial Cooling
  • Type: Finned; Electric Fan
  • Technology: ShellTube; Air-Cooled
  • Working Pressure: 87
Digital-Flo™ HT Plate and Frame Steam/Water Instantaneous Water Heater -- DF100HT
from Armstrong International

Armstrong blends revolutionary digital water temperature control technology with instantaneous heat exchanger design to deliver Digital-Flo ®, an industry changing series Shell & Tube Steam/Water Heaters. Digital-Flo Water Heaters are all compatible with Building Automation Systems on the... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Steam; Commercial Heating
  • Working Pressure: 15
  • Technology: Plate
  • Primary Material: Stainless Steel
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers -- BPX™
from Bell & Gossett, a xylem brand

BPX ™ Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers offer the highest level of thermal efficiency and durability in a compact, low cost unit. The corrugated plate design provides very high heat transfer coefficients resulting in a more compact design. The unit ’s stainless steel plates are vacuum brazed... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Automotive / Vehicular; Domestic water use.; HVAC; Oil Heating / Cooling; Refrigeration; Hydronic Applications
  • Type: Brazed; No Fan / Convection
  • Technology: Plate; Air-Cooled
  • Working Pressure: 0 to 435
MCHE, MicroChannel Heat Exchangers
from Danfoss A/S

MCHE MicroChannel Heat Exchangers are ideal for use in a number of various applications, such as Chillers, Residential AC, Condensing units, Air driers, Cabinet cooling and Indoor displays. MCHE have an ingeniously simple all-aluminium design that is not only lightweight but also prevents galvanic... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: HVAC; Chillers, Air Conditioning, Condensing Units, Air Dryers
  • Type: Finned
  • Technology: ShellTube; Air-Cooled
  • Working Pressure: 653
AB2000 Series Heat Exchangers
from DME Company

Rugged steel offers durable performance at low cost. Constructed of carbon steel & tube-sheets with copper tubing and cast iron bonnets. Unit offers a wide range of cooling at a low cost. Models are rated 300psi shell, 150psi tubes at 300 °F shipped complete with mounting brackets. [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Molding Applications
  • Technology: ShellTube
Oil/Air Cooler -- OPC
from KTR Corporation

KTR ’s cooling systems were developed for stationary hydraulics and mobile machines. The application range of high-performance coolers is mainly cooling of hydraulic and lubricating grease, but also cooling of coolant, charge air or fuel. The cooling systems are individually developed, each... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Automotive / Vehicular; Hydraulic; Oil Heating / Cooling; Machine Tools, Elevators, Test Benches, Add-on Coolers, Bypass Flow Cooling
  • Connection Options: NPT
  • Technology: Air-Cooled
Thermo-Z™ Plate-style Heat Exchanger
from Munters DH

The Thermo-Z ™ plate-style heat-exchanger is designed to recover heat from energy consuming processes up to 1500 °F. Energy can be recovered and returned as process make-up air, used to preheat combustion air, or used for plant or office heating. Thermo-Z ™ offers fully adjustable... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Industrial
  • Type: Welded
  • Technology: Plate
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 1400
Accu-Therm Plate Heat Exchanger -- Model AT10 Series
from Paul Mueller Company

Comes with a cantilevered frame or intermediate size frame [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Automotive / Vehicular; Chemical Processing; Domestic water use.; Food or Beverage Processing; HVAC; Marine; Oil Heating / Cooling; Power Generation; Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology
  • Type: Cold
  • Technology: Plate
  • Liquid Flow Rate: 200.0
Plate Heat Exchangers for Residual Blowdown -- M3
from Spirax-Sarco

Description. The M3 and M6 plate heat exchangers have been specifically selected for residual blowdown applications, having all wetted parts in 316 grade stainless steel. They are generally used as part of the Spirax Sarco boiler blowdown heat recovery system. Principal features: Easily dismantled... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Steam; Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery
  • Type: Gasket
  • Technology: Plate
  • Working Pressure: 145
Multitube and Monotube Heat Exchangers -- For Mixing and Heat Transfer
from Sulzer Ltd.

Sulzer is your ideal partner for heat exchanger solutions for processing viscous media in the fiber and polymer industry. You benefit from our know-how as well as our comprehensive portfolio, ranging from simple monotube heat exchangers to highly-effective tube bundle heat exchangers. A multitube... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Fiber and Polymer Industry
  • Primary Material: Steel; Stainless Steel
  • Technology: ShellTube
  • Connection Options: Flange
Compact Brazed Heat Exchanger -- B12
from SWEP North America

The large-port B12 offers compact heat transfer solutions for applications with large flows. The special channel plates have alternating chevron patterns for optimal heat transfer between media with different viscosities. The B12 is ideal for demanding steam and air dryer applications. [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Steam; Air Dryers That Require Asymmetry
  • Type: Brazed
  • Technology: Plate
  • Working Pressure: 450
Air to Air Heat Exchanger -- A2A040
from Thermal Edge, Inc.

Engineered & manufactured to endure the most difficult of environments and applications. Thermal Edge air conditioners will exceed environmental requirements in applications like Steel, Food Processing, Petro-Chemical, Cement, Paper & Pulp and Plastics.The Thermal Edge Air to Air Heat Exchanger is a... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Chemical Processing; Food or Beverage Processing; Steel, Paper and Pulp, Plastic
  • Type: Electric Fan
  • Technology: Air-Cooled; Heat Pipe
  • Primary Material: Aluminum
Econocoil® Light Duty Heat Exchanger -- 14 Ga. Stainless Steel 0.0781"
from Tranter, Inc.

ECONOCOIL ® hydraulically expanded panels are available in an assortment of single-embossed (top) or double-embossed styles and sizes in serpentine or parallel passes. They are lighter and more econ omical to install and maintain than pipecoil and take up less space. Capable of operating... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Chemical Processing; Steam; Textiles, Metalworking, Manufacturing
  • Working Pressure: 350
  • Technology: Plate
  • Temperature Range: ? to 400