Connection Type:Other Heat Exchangers Datasheets

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
from Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

If there is no plant-wide cooling system, a stand-alone refrigerated chiller is often a good solution for a closed-loop cooling system for your induction heating system and will be an economical solution up to cooling power requirements of 90 kW. Chillers are available from Ambrell for cooling... [See More]

  • Technology: Air-Cooled
  • Working Pressure: 380
  • Type: Electric Fan
  • Liquid Flow Rate: 6.0 to 185.0
Oil/Water Heat Exchanger -- BNZ
from jbj Techniques Limited

Thanks to the standardisation of individual components, technically sophisticated solutions are available at a highly competitive price/performance ratio. » extended cooling surface. » compact design. » low pressure loss. » integrated test ports. » cooling capacity up... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Oil Heating / Cooling
  • Primary Material: Aluminum; Steel
  • Liquid Flow Rate: 19.8 to 224.4
  • Connection Size: G 3/8" - 1-1/2", SAE 1-1/4" - 3-1/2"
Fluoropolymer Immersion Heat Exchanger -- X Series
from Process Technology

Excellent chemical compatibility and rugged design for your heating or cooling application. FEATURES. All wetted parts of fluoropolymer (FEP, PFA, or PTFE) construction. Heavy duty CPVC mounting bracket and 1/8-inch thick perforated guard helps protect the coil from damage. Heavy wall tubing... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Chemical Processing; Electronic or Power Supply Cooling
  • Primary Material: Other
  • Working Pressure: 30 to 60
  • Connection Size: 0.5 - 1.5 Inches FNPT
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers -- CB
from Alfa Laval Inc.

The CB range of brazed plate heat exchangers feature efficient heat transfer with an extremely small footprint, making them ideal for demanding installations where space is at a premium. The thin, corrugated stainless steel plates used in the CB design are brazed together with copper. This forms a... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: HVAC
  • Type: Brazed
  • Technology: Plate
  • Working Pressure: 2103
Noiseless Heater -- MS-6
from Armstrong International

The use of hot water is indispensable in food processing,cleaning, and plating operations. Although the simplest and most efficient way to provide the water is by direct steam sparging, such a format often results in vibration and noise caused by steam blowing into the water tank. These problems can... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Food or Beverage Processing; Steam; Cleaning and Plating Operations
  • Type: No Fan / Convection
  • Technology: Air-Cooled; Silencer
  • Working Pressure: 100
Internal Heat Exchanger
from Delphi Automotive LLP

The Delphi Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX) is part of a vehicle's air conditioning system and helps to increase its cooling capacity. The Delphi IHX combines portions of the system's suction and liquid lines. It uses the cold vapor from the evaporator to cool the hot liquid before it enters the... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Automotive / Vehicular
  • Type: Straight
  • Technology: ShellTube
  • Primary Material: Aluminum
High Flow HF Cold Plate
from Solid State Cooling Systems

Low thermal resistance: very low pressure drop, all at a low price!. Ideal for use with IGBT modules, power semiconductors, thermoelectric and other direct cooling applications. Patented and patent-pending design allows for efficient heat transfer at a low cost. Uniform thermal resistance over... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Electronic or Power Supply Cooling
  • Type: Cold
  • Technology: Plate
  • Primary Material: Aluminum
Compact Brazed Heat Exchanger -- B5
from SWEP North America

The B5 is a versatile and flexible product that enables. efficient heat exchange in applications with small flows and. exceptionally high requirements for compactness. Easy to. install and use, the product is flexible despite its small size. This makes it a particularly suitable choice for small oil... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Oil Heating / Cooling; Water Coolers
  • Type: Brazed
  • Technology: Plate
  • Working Pressure: 450
Econocoil® Light Duty Heat Exchanger -- 14 Ga. Stainless Steel 0.0781"
from Tranter, Inc.

ECONOCOIL ® hydraulically expanded panels are available in an assortment of single-embossed (top) or double-embossed styles and sizes in serpentine or parallel passes. They are lighter and more econ omical to install and maintain than pipecoil and take up less space. Capable of operating... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: Chemical Processing; Steam; Textiles, Metalworking, Manufacturing
  • Working Pressure: 350
  • Technology: Plate
  • Temperature Range: ? to 400