Applications:Other Industrial Keyboards Datasheets

1250454 [G85-23200GB-0 from Cherry Electrical Products]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The stylish Cherry STREAM 3.0 keyboard never stops working. Specially developed for continuous use in the office: Abrasion-proof inscription of key caps, whisper keystroke with an ergonomic design. Durable abrasion-proof laser inscription of key caps. Designed for continuous usage - over 20 million... [See More]

  • Applications: Standard
  • Interface: USB
  • Connection: Cable
  • Key Layout: Qwerty; Intl
Touch Metal Industrial Keyboard -- KB400
from BaranTec

Touch Metal Piezo Keyboard. [See More]

  • Applications: Commercial; Industrial; Kiosk; Marine; Medical; Military; Point of sales or data entry; Vehicular; Underwater
  • Connection: Cable; IR or other wireless connection (optional feature); Shielded Cable
  • Mounting: Desktop keyboard; Panel mounted; Rack drawer or rack mounted
  • Enclosure / Adapter Material: Steel
Grizzly Xtreme Ruggedized Keyboard
from Esterline Interface Technologies

Advanced Input Systems designed this extreme ruggedized keyboard —dubbed “Grizzly ” for its survival abilities —to reliably operate in harsh situations. The durable Grizzly Xtreme withstands environmental usage hazards typical of mobile, rugged, and industrial applications. [See More]

  • Applications: Commercial; Industrial; Marine; Vehicular; Security, Harsh or Low Light Environment
  • Connection: Cable
  • Mounting: Desktop keyboard
  • Enclosure / Adapter Material: Steel
86-key IP68 Washable Silicone Keyboard with Backlightigh System -- TKG-086-MB-IP68-Black
from GETT North America LLC

Complete dust and waterproof keyboard. Mechanical switches for a hard and precise keystroke. Backlite function with an 8 stage dimmer. Integrated mouse button and geared up for VESA mounting. Individual modifications on demand. Have you dared to take a closer look at your keyboard? It is very... [See More]

  • Applications: Industrial; Medical; Washable
  • Connection: Cable
  • Mounting: Desktop keyboard
  • Enclosure / Adapter Material: Plastic
X-keys® XK-60 Programmable Keyboard -- XK-0979-UBK60-R
from P.I. Engineering, Inc.

60 relegendable keys. Addressable blue and red backlighting for each key. Create a bump bar or custom control pad with keycaps and key blockers. Includes MacroWorks 3 software for Windows and ControllerMate for Mac OS X. Hardware Mode features support keyboard, mouse, and joystick emulation. [See More]

  • Applications: Commercial; Industrial; Mining
  • Connection: Cable
  • Mounting: Desktop keyboard
  • Enclosure / Adapter Material: Plastic
Alienware M3200 Keyboard -- K-ALW-01

Original Alienware Sentia M3200 Series Laptop Keyboard. Part Number: K031027A1 US, p/n: 71-UF4012-00. Compatible Models: Laptop ALIENWARE SENTIA M3200 Series. [See More]

  • Applications: Commercial; Laptop Keyboard
  • Key Layout: US-Std