Sash Options:Other Fume Hoods Datasheets

Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood -- 2900-20
from Terra Universal, Inc.

This high-capacity, turnkey fume hood features dual blowers to ensure a safe exhaust flow speed >/= 100 fpm (.51 m/s). Polypropylene construction resists chemical vapors, and an onboard air speed meter monitors operation. Includes hood, fluorescent illuminator, blower module, two 1200CFM (2038.8... [See More]

  • Sash Options: Tilt-up sash (clearance: 5" closed)
  • Hood Design: Conventional; Vertical Exhaust Flow
  • Fume Hood Type: General Purpose; Acid-Resistant Polypropylene
  • Filter Type: Ductless; Charcoal, HEPA/ULPA
Ductless Fume Hood -- Captair Flex M 321
from Erlab Inc.

Captair Flex. Ductless Fume Hoods. Designed to protect users during applications that emit vapors and/or chemical particles, the Captair Flex line offers a level of performance that ensures your safety while offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional systems. Based on Flex... [See More]

  • Sash Options: Ergonomic Apertures
  • Hood Design: Conventional
  • Fume Hood Type: General Purpose; Cleanroom
  • Filter Type: Ductless; AS, BE +, F, K, or HEPA H14
8' Protector XL Floor-Mounted Lab Hood -- 9700801
from Labconco Corporation

8' Protector XL Floor-Mounted (Walk-In) Laboratory Hood, by-pass airflow design, two 12.81" ID exhaust connections, four 3/16" thick horizontal-sliding sashes, chemical-resistant molded composite panel liner and adjustable baffles, front and interior access panels, ADA-compliant light and blower... [See More]

  • Sash Options: Horizontal; Four Sashes
  • Hood Design: Bypass
  • Fume Hood Type: General Purpose
  • Hood Face Velocity: 100
Walk-In Fume Hood -- WB-MAX
from RDM Industrial Products, Inc.

The WB-MAX Walk-in Fume Hood is designed for laboratories that require a large compartment to handle their fume control needs. This unit provides multiple standard and optional features for air control, including optional Add Air (Make-up Air) System. This Fume Hood is ideal for most laboratory... [See More]

  • Sash Options: Vertical; Walk-in
  • Hood Design: Bypass
  • Fume Hood Type: General Purpose
  • Width: 35 to 120