Switch Type Function:Other Touch Switches and Tactile Switches Datasheets

Capacitive Keyswitch -- RAMO 22/30 C
from RAFI GmbH & Co. KG

The RAMO C is RAFI's first capacitive keyswitch without any internal electromechanical components. It operates without any travel or wear - only through touch. So the RAMO C can handle a multitude of functions and can adequately meet your requirements. The RAMO 22 C and the RAMO 30 C differ in their... [See More]

  • Switch Function: Maintained Contact (optional feature); Momentary Contact (optional feature); Latching, Pulse 300 ms
  • Actuator Specifications: Flush Pushbutton
  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
  • Switch Dimensions: 22.3 mm or 30.3 mm Diameter
Switch,Keypad,Non-Illuminated W/Square Black Housing,50a@24VDC,Square Gray ACt -- 70193006 [JF15SP1H from NKK Switches]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Switch,Keypad,Non-Illuminated W/Square Black Housing,50a@24VDC,Square Gray ACt [See More]

  • Switch Function: Off-(On)
  • Switching Mechanism: Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST)
  • Switch Type: Keyswitch
  • Max Current Rating: 0.0500
SKQU Series -- SKQUAAA010
from Alps Electric (USA) Inc.

4-directional switch, center push, digital devices [See More]

  • Switch Function: Momentary Contact; 4-Directional
  • Actuator Specifications: Raised (Plunger Style) Pushbutton
  • Switch Type: Tact Switch
  • Configuration: Normally Open (NO)
Touch Metal Piezo Switch Non Illuminated -- SBS1
from BaranTec

Touch Metal Piezo switch, Non Illuminated, IP69K sealed, solid housing, no moving parts, vandal proof, water and weather proof, IMF, RFI, EMP proof, requires no power supply, tested for 50,000,000 cycles . [See More]

  • Switch Function: Maintained Contact; Alternate Contact (Push-Push); Momentary Contact; Timer Switch
  • Actuator Specifications: Recessed Pushbutton; Flush Pushbutton; Raised (Plunger Style) Pushbutton; Touch Metal Piezo Switch
  • Switch Type: Touch-sensitive Switch
  • Configuration: Normally Open (NO); Normally Closed (NC)