Applications / Materials Processed:Other Process Dryers Datasheets

Double Drum Dryers
from Buflovak LLC

Description. Most versatile and widely applied dryers. Used to dry food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Materials vary in density and viscosity such as dilute solutions, heavy liquids, or pasty materials. Effective for heavy sludges that become saturated and deposit salts. Products sensitive to... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Pastes; Solutions / Liquids; Chemicals / Fertilizers; Foods / Grains; Pharmaceutical; Heavy Sludges
  • Heat Source: Indirect / Contact / Conduction; Steam
  • Equipment Type: Rotary Dryer (Internal Drum)
  • Dryer Size / Materials of Construction: Drums may be Manufactured from Steel, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel
Rapid Ambient Air Vial Dryer
from Precision Automation Co., Inc.

Our Rapid Ambient Air Vial Dryer reduces vial drying time by using an advected evaporative drying system. Vials need to be dried prior to labeling, inspection, or packaging, due to the condensation that forms when vials are moved from refrigerated storage into an ambient room. Normally vials in... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Vials
  • Heat Source: Advected Evaporative Drying System
  • Equipment Type: Belt Conveyor Dryer
Flash Dryer -- SKQL Series

SUNKAIER Flash Dryers are simple yet versatile in their design. Flash Dryers can be used for drying a variety of products, usually filter cakes. Slurries, when preconditioned, will also dry well on Flash Dryers. In a Flash Dryer wet material is dispersed into the drying air stream via one of many... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Slurries; Filter Cakes
  • Temperature: 2678
  • Equipment Type: Flash / Pneumatic Dryer
  • Feed Rate / Continuous Capacity: 20 to 66.67
Cable and Wire Drying System -- LINE-Dry
from Air Control Industries Inc.

ACI's unique drying system design allows high velocity air to be delivered very close to the surface of the product breaking the surface tension of the retained water and stripping it back off the cable. Called the ‘DRI-Line Powerpack ’, ACI ’s innovative system achieves vastly... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Cable and Wire
  • Temperature: 176
  • Equipment Type: High Velocity Air Dryer
  • Gas / Air Flow: 28900
Aggregate & Sand Dryer / Cooler
from Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Carrier vibrating fluid beds have been used for decades. Our aggregate and sand dryers/coolers offer proven reliability and low operating costs. Rising fuel costs have made fluid bed technology far less costly to operate than rotary dryers. To meet the demanding requirements of aggregate producers,... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Sand
  • Secondary Capability: Cooling / Freezing
  • Equipment Type: Fluidized Bed Dryer
  • Special Features: Multiple zones or sections with varying conditions
Vertical Cuttings Dryer
from GN Solids control Co., Ltd.

The GN Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. A stainless steel screen bowl traps “wet ” solids and accelerates them up 900RPM with G force to 420G or super high speed 1200RPM with G force to 750G. Liquid is forced through the... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Slurries; Drill Cuttings
  • Feed Rate / Continuous Capacity: 667 to 1667
BOLZ-SUMMIX Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer and Mixer -- MF010 - MF600
from Heinkel USA

MF010 - MF600. Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer. Drive concepts for the conical screw dryer. The BOLZ-SUMMIX conical screw dryer and mixer both use the tried and trusted system of a rotating, self-supporting mixing screw. It is only attached at the top to a rotating swivel arm, which moves it as close as... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Chemicals / Fertilizers (optional feature); Pharmaceutical (optional feature); Dangerous Products, Flammable and Explosive Dusts, and Humid Crystallized Active Agents
  • Heat Source: Indirect / Contact / Conduction
  • Equipment Type: Vacuum Dryer; Screw / Auger Conveyor Dryer
  • Secondary Capability: Cooling / Freezing
Vrieco-Nauta Vacuum Drying -- 0.4-VDC-41
from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Vrieco-Nauta vacuum dryers were developed from the already successful conical screw mixer line. The superior mixing quality of the Vrieco-Nauta mixers is utilized to efficiently present fresh product to the heated surface area aiding in the rapid drying. Heat is transferred into the product through... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Fibers / Flakes; Chemicals / Fertilizers; Foods / Grains; Pharmaceutical; Cosmetics
  • Heat Source: Indirect / Contact / Conduction
  • Equipment Type: Vacuum Dryer
  • Secondary Capability: Coating; Preheating
Can End Dryer
from International Thermal Systems LLC.

A variety of Dryers for can closure sealing compounds. End dryers dry the sealing compound on aluminum or steel can ends and caps for the 2 or 3 piece beverage, aerosol, and food can industries. End Dryer Ovens will accommodate a low temperature cure to eliminate a blistered compound on beverage and... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Aluminum or Steel Can Ends
  • Temperature: ? to 350
  • Equipment Type: Belt Conveyor Dryer
  • Heat Source: Combustion heating with oil, gas or other fuels (optional feature); Electric (optional feature)
Acid Resistant CentriVap Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator -- 7310022
from Labconco Corporation

The Acid-Resistant Refrigerated CentriVap Centrifugal Concentrator is designed to rapidly concentrate multiple small heat-sensitive samples, such as RNA and proteins, using centrifugal force, vacuum and controlled temperature. This exclusive concentrator combines a refrigeration system that cools to... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Temperature-sensitive
  • Heat Source: Electric
  • Equipment Type: Evaporator; Vacuum Dryer
Fluid Bed Dryer -- TG 200
from Retsch, Inc.

The Fluid Bed Dryer TG 200 is used in quality control, sample preparation and R&D departments. It permits the gentle drying of organic, inorganic, chemical or pharmaceutical bulk materials. Suitable materials can be coarse, fine, crystalline, fibrous or leafy. The powerful fan ensures optimal air... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Fibers / Flakes; Chemicals / Fertilizers; Construction Materials / Cement; Foods / Grains; Pharmaceutical; Power / Coal and Coke; Waste / Sludge; Wood / Wood Products; Cellulose, leather, compost, splints
  • Temperature: 104 to 302
  • Equipment Type: Fluidized Bed Dryer
  • Gas / Air Flow: 109
Model 20 Gallon Dryer System
from Ultrasonic Power Corporation

This dryer is designed as a companion to the 20 gallon ultrasonic wash/ rinse system. Parts are manually transported through the wash, spray rinse / immersion and dry process. The equipment is stainless steel exterior frame with all stainless steel tank, and a stainless steel frame, and countertop. [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Parts Dryer
  • Gas / Air Flow: 1000
  • Equipment Type: Tray / Cabinet / Tunnel Dryer
Fluid Bed Dryer
from Witte Company, Inc. (The)

Witte Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers showcase the company's signature vertical air flow engineering. Featuring a porous conveying surface set within an enclosed vibrating vessel, Witte designs promote heat transfer air or gas to pass up vertically through the product, creating the high degree of... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Bulk Materials / Briquettes; Foods / Grains; Mining / Ores / Minerals; Pharmaceutical; Waste / Sludge; Wood / Wood Products; Plastics, Chemicals
  • Equipment Type: Fluidized Bed Dryer; Vibratory Dryer