Paint / Coatings Process Dryers Datasheets

Cylindrical Dryer -- 42C-1
from Charles Ross and Son Company

STANDARD FEATURES: • 1/2 through 515 cubic feet capacity. • Stainless steel wetted parts. • Ribbon agitator for center discharge. • Designed for atmospheric operation. • 80 grit finish on interior and exterior stainless steelsurfaces. • Two piece covers from 10 to 515... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Pastes; Slurries; Adhesives / Curing; Chemicals / Fertilizers; Suitable for drying paints or coatings; Pharmaceutical; Sanitary; Waste / Sludge
  • Secondary Capability: Moisturizing / Humidification (optional feature)
  • Equipment Type: Paddle / Agitator Dryer; Cylinder / Roll Dryer (External)
Drymeister Flash Dryer -- DMR-1
from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Operating Principle. Whether the product is a wet powder or a slurry, specially designed feeders transfer the product into the dispersion section of the dryer. A high speed rotor disperses the product in the drying zone. An induced hot gas stream as high as 600 ¬?C provides the energy for... [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Pastes; Slurries; Solutions / Liquids; Abrasives / Ceramics; Foods / Grains; Mining / Ores / Minerals; Suitable for drying paints or coatings
  • Temperature: 842
  • Equipment Type: Flash / Pneumatic Dryer
  • Gas / Air Flow: 883
C Model Quick Silver® Flash Dryer -- C1818.120.2300
from Intek Corporation

Junction box on most models for easy wiring. 1 year warranty. Patented design. Thermocouple port provided. Fits M &R automatic printers and others [See More]

  • Applications / Materials Handled: Bulk Materials / Briquettes (optional feature); Free Flowing Powders / Granules (optional feature); Webs / Continuous Sheets (optional feature); Abrasives / Ceramics (optional feature); Construction Materials / Cement (optional feature); Foods / Grains (optional feature); Metallurgical (optional feature); Suitable for drying paints or coatings (optional feature); Pulp and Paper (optional feature); Pharmaceutical (optional feature); Polymers / Molding (optional feature)
  • Energy Output / Consumption: 2300 W
  • Equipment Type: Flash / Pneumatic Dryer
  • Heat Source: Radiant / Infrared; Electric