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Matching Pad -- 57Z
from JFW Industries, Inc.

One of JFW's most popular lines of RF test accessories is our series of impedance matching pads. Because of our vast RF experience, we can match almost any transmission lines while preserving signal integrity with low VSWR. Here are some of our proven capabilities... Impedance matching pads with... [See More]

  • Other Transformer Types / Applications: Impedance Matching Pad
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 85
  • Operating Frequency: 0.0 to 1.00E9
  • Package Type: Connectorized
Balanced Signal Converter -- BF Series
from North Hills Signal Processing Corporation

This line of transformers provides a highly balanced transverse signal source in the 0.1 to 100MHz frequency range. Balance in this case refers to the equality of voltages of either leg with respect to ground. The BF series of transformers have a built in common mode signal injection circuit and... [See More]

  • Other Transformer Types / Applications: Unbalanced -> Bal signal
  • Operating Frequency: 10000 to 1.00E8
  • Center Tap Options: None
  • Insertion Loss: 20