Feeder Type:Other Parts Feeders Datasheets

sortimat Birkman™ Rotating Drum Feeder
from ATS Automation

Our Drum Feeders are ideal for complex and delicate parts. They are particularly effective for safely transporting small to medium size, unstable parts that can easily entangle or statically charge. Feed, Sort & Orient. Exceptionally quiet, Drum Feeder systems simultaneously feed, sort and... [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Drum Feeder
  • Configuration: Bowl and Drive
  • Parts Fed: Small to Medium Size, Unstable Parts that Can Easily Tangle or Statically Charge
  • Bowl Diameter: 7.87 to 31.5
from DEPRAG, Inc.

The constant data reported by the control modules enable the precise- and automatic recognition of allrelevant penetration points.Time-critical- and essential parameter changes are autonomously performed by the fastening system. Thesystem ensures the ideal processing parameter, independently from... [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Inside Feature Feeder; Sword (optional feature); Vibratory Bowl Feeder (optional feature); Blow Feeding
  • Configuration: Drive Only
  • Parts Fed: Screws
  • Features: Programmable; Couples to a Machine Tool
X-Y Robotic Screw Feeder Systems
from Design Tool, Inc.

Fully Automatic or Semi-automatic fastener feeding and driving systems from Design Tool, Inc. provide: The fastest assembly times. Multi-axis robotic screwdriving. Multiple spindle screwdriving. Fully automatic robotic screwdriving with quality control and inspection. Single station, standalone... [See More]

  • Parts Fed: Screws
  • Bowl Diameter: 6 to 18
  • Configuration: Drive Only
  • Features: Programmable; Couples to a Machine Tool; Parts Counter
Feedscape™ Parts Feeding System -- 375 Series
from Centricity

Feedscape technology represents a radical departure from the traditional method of handling parts through contact with their outer surfaces, to handling parts on their I.D. This seemingly simple change in approach results in significant advantages and design possibilities. [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Centrifugal Rotary Feeder (optional feature); Inside Feature Feeder; Pneumatic (optional feature); Vibratory Bowl Feeder (optional feature)
  • Configuration: Bowl and Drive
  • Parts Fed: ANY Component/Assembly with a Thru Hole
  • Part Diameter: 1.00E-3 to 1.5
Linear Power Track "M" Series -- M-2
from Vibratory Feeders, Inc.

8-12 inches recommended track length [See More]

  • Feeder Type: Linear Power Track
  • Dimensions / Bowl Shape: 4 5/8" long, 3 1/2" wide
  • Configuration: Drive Only
  • Drive Power: 0.5 Amps @115VAC