General Supplies & Accessories:Other Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Supplies and Accessories Datasheets

from Olympus America, Inc.

Act as a holder for the transducers to maintain consistent water flow from transducer to test surface, and prevent the accumulation of air bubbles on the transducer face. [See More]

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Reference Indentation Reading Blocks
from Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd.

These are for comparison purposes to determine degree of operator accuracy in manual microscope measurement. These are steel blocks containing 5 Reference Indentations made with a 10mm ball in the range 2.40-6mm and 5 Reference Indentions made with a 5mm ball in the range 1.30-3mm. These measuring... [See More]

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  • Standards: Hardness Standard
from Gould-Bass Company, Inc.

Centrifuge tube ASTM, 100ml, 0-1.0ml in .05 increments [See More]

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