File Format Supported:Other Device Programmers Datasheets

Automated Programming System -- 3610
from BPM Microsystems

Superior device support, automatic self teaching, fast and easy changeovers [See More]

  • File Format: Intel Hex; Intel Extended Hex; Intel 32-bit Hex; Motorola S-Record; Binary; ASCII; JEDEC; POF; Tekhex, SDSMAC, AFM, OMF & Others
  • Type / Capability: Multi-Site Programmer / Gang Mode
  • Operating Mode: Stand-alone Workstation; Production Unit; Stand Alone, Prod Unit
  • Devices Supported: CMOS; PROM; BPROM; EPROM; EEPROM; FLASH; PLD; EPLD; CPLD; PAL; GAL; Microcontrollers; PIC; FPGA; Antifuse; SPLD, FPGA
from Data I/O Corporation

The Multisyte Flash Package provides an excellent value for customers who need to program medium to large volumes of Flash devices. These packages are configured as either Dual, Quad, or Octals and they are able to program either 8, 16, or 32 devices at a time. By swapping FlashTOPs with other... [See More]

  • File Format: Binary; Hex
  • Type / Capability: Multi-Site Programmer / Set Mode; Eraser
  • Operating Mode: Gang
  • Devices Supported: FLASH
Fully-Automated System -- PA2012
from ProMik Gmbh (Seattle Field Office)

The PA2012 is ProMik's latest fully automated programming machine. The PA2012 is characterized by high production throughput, advanced device handling and best in the market 3D Co-planarity & 2D linearity lead inspection features. [See More]

  • File Format: Intel Hex (optional feature); Motorola S-Record (optional feature); ELF-Format
  • Type / Capability: Single-socket Programmer
  • Operating Mode: Stand-alone Workstation; Production Unit
  • IC Package Type Supported: QFP (optional feature); TQFP (optional feature); TSSOP (optional feature); BGA (optional feature); PLCC (optional feature)
BASIC Module (DB/BAS Compatible -- MVI56-BAS
from ProSoft Technology, Inc.

The MVI56-BAS module allows you to: Create BASIC programs to transfer data between the ControlLogix and the MVI56-BAS module. Create foreign device interface for specific applications and easily integrate the device with the ControlLogix processor. Interface to many devices that use ASCII interface... [See More]

  • File Format: Basic
  • Type / Capability: In-circuit Programmer
  • Operating Mode: Gang
  • Devices Supported: ControlLogix