Manual Rotary Table Stretch Wrappers Datasheets

Series 100 Entry Level Stretch Wrappers -- SW100L40
from Advance Lifts, Inc.

These are our most economical and basic models that are suitable for low volume stretch wrapping operations. Units offer a giant step up in safety and productivity from simply walking around a load with a roll of film on hand. The cost/Benefit ratio of these basic machines is very attractive. [See More]

  • Type: Manual Rotary Table
  • Maximum Load: 4000
  • RPM: 8
  • Width: 52
Horizontal Full Enclosure Stretch Wrapping System 48" Ring -- Orbital Stretch Wrapper
from ARPAC

ARPAC's ORBITAL Series stretch wrapper is specially designed to unitize horizontal wrapping applications, such as doors, windows, molding and piping and offer superior product protection. [See More]

  • Type: Manual Rotary Table (optional feature); Automatic Rotary Table (optional feature)
  • Options: Conveyor Supplied
  • Profile: High