Application:Other Fluid Dispensing Equipment Datasheets

Air Coolant Dispenser -- DA5-140PT
from CECOR

Tank-style dispenser transports fresh/reconditioned coolant to machine tool. Air-operated dispenser is available in 90-,140- and 175-gallon tanks.Load fluids through fill-hatch or pump-in suctions. Easy for one person to handle with automatic overfill protection. Deliver and dispense fresh coolant... [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispense Rate: 94.7
  • Application: Machine Tool Coolant
  • Container Size: 529958
Meter Mix Dispense Machine - MarMax
from Mahr Inc.

Wherever precise mixing and dosing is required, the standard series of MarMax meter mix dispensing machine is used. Are processed among others single- and multi-component adhesives and resins, thermosets, thermoplastics, polyurethane. Exemplary applications of the MarMax dispensing machines are:... [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Mix, Meter and Dispense
  • Dispense Rate: 0.0500 to 4
  • Application: AdhesiveSilicone; ChemicalSolvent; Converting Industry / Flexible Packaging, Composite Industry / Lightweight, Plastics
  • Media Viscosity: 85
Dispensing Equipment -- 14285 [14285 from ITW Devcon]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

For 50 mL Cartridge; Mixing and Delivery Tool For Devcon 1:1 Adhesives [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Mix And Dispense
  • Container Size: 50
  • Application: AdhesiveSilicone; Epoxy
  • Dispensing Type: Bead
“Hot-Box” Heated Dispensing System
from EXACT Dispensing Systems

The “HOT BOX ” System from EXACT solves the problems associated with the meter mix dispensing of heated resins. This family of products has been developed to provide temperature consistency and control year round with a simple trouble free approach. Standard Features: Heated cart to... [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Mix, Meter and Dispense
  • Mounting: Standalone
  • Application: AdhesiveSilicone; Heated Resins
Epoxy Application Syringe -- 501473-3IR100
from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS

100 pack [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispensing Type: Bead
  • Application: Epoxy Application
  • Mounting: HandHeld
300 ml Dual Cartridge Dispensing Guns
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

Pneumatic dispensing gun for 300 ml dual cartridge adhesives and sealants [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Container Size: 300
  • Application: AdhesiveSilicone; HighViscosity; Sealants
  • Dispensing Type: Dot; Bead
Hi-GAS (Fuel Gas Supply System)
from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

The LNG market is developing rapidly, and the demand for LNG carriers and LNG fueled ships is increasing because LNG is a very attractive solution from an emission and economic point of view. The high efficiency of dual fuel engines has made the engine market the preferred prime mover choice for new... [See More]

  • Application: FuelOil; LNG
Automatic CA Dispenser
from Ipscot, Inc.

Since 1983 IPSCOT, Inc. has been supplying dispensing and fluid handling equipment to manufacturers and contractors. IPSCOT specializes in equipment to handle reactive materials like adhesives, sealants and potting compounds. We have equipment that will handle fluids of any viscosity from water thin... [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Mounting: MachineMounted
  • Application: CA
  • Dispensed From: Barrel / Syringe
NEMO® Dispenser
from NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC

Nearly shear free conveyance & dosing of highly viscous & abrasive products [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Metering Accuracy: 1
  • Application: AdhesiveSilicone; HighViscosity; Low to Very High Viscosity
  • Mounting: MachineMounted; Robotic (optional feature)
Applicator and Nozzle -- Swirl™ Applicator
from Nordson Corporation

Modular design for easy maintenance, carbide nozzles [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispensing Type: Spray Round; Swirl
  • Application: AdhesiveSilicone; Sealants
  • Mounting: MachineMounted
MicroMark™ Recirculating Spray Marking Valve System
from Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD ’s unique MicroMark ™ spray marking systems eliminate clogging, maintenance, and downtime by using a programmable air delay after each cycle to clean the spray nozzle. Ideal for color coding, indicating pass/fail, or showing production or test status, our marking systems... [See More]

  • Application: CoatingPaint; Inks
  • Mounting: MachineMounted
  • Dispensing Type: Spray Round
Precision Volume Dispenser -- eco-DUO450
from ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH

The new eco-DUO450 precision-volume dosing unit made by ViscoTec covers many applications within the low to medium-viscosity dispensing range. The preeflow ® eco-PEN is a rotating, absolutely pressure-tight, positive displacement system with self-sealing rotor-stator arrangement. The controlled... [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Mix And Dispense
  • Dispense Rate: 2.00E-4 to 0.0120
  • Application: ChemicalSolvent; CleanRoomLab; MedPharmaceutical; Electronics, Semiconductor, SMD/SMT, Photovoltaic
  • Metering Accuracy: 1
Filling and Dispensing Pump -- 323Dz/D
from Watson Marlow Pumps Group

Dispenses 100ml in 3 seconds. Accurate to within ± 1%. Menu driven calibration procedure. Dispensing by keypress or a remote footswitch/handswitch. Fitted with 313D three roller pumphead with flip-top design, ensuring easy cleaning and ultra-fast setup. Also accepts 314D four roller pumphead... [See More]

  • Dispensing Equipment Type: Dispense Only
  • Dispensing Type: Fill ("potting")
  • Application: CleanRoomLab; FoodBeverage; Biopharmaceutical, Cosmetics
  • Mounting: Benchtop