MAN Capable Network Repeaters and Extenders Datasheets

Optical Repeater Mini Bit Driver® -- Model 2082
from S.I. Tech, Inc.

S.I.T ech 2082 is designed to be used as a repeater on fiber optic links. It can be used to extend the distance of a network link up to 10 Km with single mode fiber or it can also be used to convert from multimode to single mode fiber. [See More]

  • Area Network Type: LAN Capable; MAN Capable; WAN Capable
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Form Factor: Module
  • Data Rate: 10000 to 125000
Bridging Office Repeater -- T1544-10B
from ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

Used for in-service patching from the monitor jacks to spare facilities [See More]

  • Area Network Type: MAN Capable
  • Protocol / Network: CANbus; 0
  • Form Factor: 0
  • Number of Ports: 0