Power Calibration Instruments Datasheets

Transducer Simulator -- Ranger 5
from Cooper Instruments & Systems

The model Ranger 5 is an inexpensive and easy to operate instrument for use in testing, troubleshooting and calibrating strain gage instruments and systems. It features a switchable vernier control for obtaining exact instrument readings while adjusting setpoints and overrange blanking. The Ranger 5... [See More]

  • Electrical Properties: Power
  • Physical Properties: Force/ Load; Torque
  • Calibrator Style: Fixed
  • Environmental Properties: Pressure / Vacuum
Electrical Power Quality Calibrator -- 6105A, 6100B
from Fluke

The 6105A and 6100B provide the signals to allow the processes described above to be completed effectively, quickly and by lower skill operators. More importantly, it ensures that the process of validation can be completed thoroughly, accurately and with all measurements being traceable to national... [See More]

  • Electrical Properties: Power
  • Display: Digital Readouts
  • Calibrator Style: Fixed
Automatic RF Power Calibrator -- System IIA
from TEGAM, Inc.

Complete calibration system with software, 2.5% accuracy [See More]

  • Electrical Properties: Power
  • Calibration Signal: Signal / Waveform Generator Output
  • Calibrator Style: Fixed
  • Frequency Range: 1000 to 1.00E9