Aerospace Castings Isostatic Presses Datasheets

Mini-HIPper® Hot Isostatic Press -- MIH-3
from Avure Technologies, Inc.

These compact, self-contained Mini-HIPpers are designed for HIP research and feasibility studies. The pressure vessel, frame, electrohydraulic pump and all other sub-systems are housed in a single, space-saving cabinet. [See More]

  • Applications: Abrasives / Ceramics; Aerospace Castings; Carbides / Cutting Tools; Carbon / Graphite; Electronic Materials; Ferrites / Magnets; Laboratory / Analytical; Nuclear Fuel; Powdered Metals; Titanium, Superalloys, and Castings
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 30000
  • Press Type: Hot Isostatic Press
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 2192 to 3632