Continuous Rotation Pushwheel Switches Datasheets

Thumbwheel Switches -- 3 Series
from C&K Components

Features/Benefits. Most complete product offering in the industry. Spacers available to fit most panel cutouts. Front or rear mounting options. Typical Applications. Test & measurement equipment. Industrial equipment. Computer devices [See More]

  • Rotation Style: Continuous Rotation (optional feature); Rotational Stops (optional feature)
  • Circuit Code: Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) (optional feature); BCD Complement (optional feature); Hexadecimal (optional feature); Decimal 10 Position
  • Operator Style: Thumbwheel
  • Current: 1
13000 Digiswitch® -- 13*C-NS
from Digitran Division

QPL/MIL approved, special dial characters, optional dial stops [See More]

  • Rotation Style: Continuous Rotation; Rotational Stops (optional feature)
  • Circuit Code: Octal (optional feature); Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) (optional feature); Hexadecimal (optional feature); 12 Positions
  • Operator Style: Thumbwheel
  • Current: 3