Construction:Other Air Filters (industrial) Datasheets

Compact Drum Filter
from LTG Incorporated

The LTG Compact Drum Filter (CDF) is for fine filtration of dust from the primary airstream. A stream of air passes through fixed filter drums from the inside to the outside, and stripper nozzles touching the filter surface continually remove the dust. In order to extract all the dust from the... [See More]

  • Construction: Cartridge; Drum Filter
  • Ply: 1
  • Airflow: 5297 to 17658
  • Width / Ring: 17.72 to 21.65
Air Line Filter for Compressed Air -- F07 Inline Pneumatic Air Filter
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

General purpose air line filters are designed for in-line use as a single filtering source for liquid and particles from compressed air lines. These air filters include ¼" PTF threads, a transparent screw-on bowl, automatic drain and 5 µm filter element. They are suitable for a wide... [See More]

  • Applications: Filter Liquid from Compressed Air
  • Length: 1.63
  • Construction: Cartridge; Inline Pneumatic Filter
  • Height: 6.22
from RS Components, Ltd.

A vacuum filter for Numatic Henry high performance vacuum cleaner. A popular and highly rated vacuum filter and an ideal replacement filter for all vacuum cleaners. This Henry vacuum filter is the perfect fix for if your Henry vacuum has lost some of his suction power or became sluggish. The vacuum... [See More]

  • Construction: Vacuum Filters
Purification Filter -- 1716-00A
from Terra Universal, Inc.

These activated charcoal filters, manufactured from coconut-shell based activated charcoal of 8-12 mesh size, are used to remove a broad range of organic compounds and solvents fumes. Special processing ensures a large surface area per gram weight. They function through physical adsorption of... [See More]

  • Applications: Fume hood filter
  • Efficiency: 99.99 to 100
  • Construction: activated charcoal (Frame / Assembly)
  • Efficiency Specs: approaches 100%
Model BB- 14-4-36
from Beach Filter Products, Inc.

Single process moisture retention and particulate filtration [See More]

  • Applications: For Bulk Storage and/or Process Tanks
  • Efficiency: 74 to 100
  • Construction: Tank Breather (Frame / Assembly)
  • Efficiency Specs: 3/100%, 0.5/74%
from Donaldson Torit – Donaldson Company, Inc.

Cotton Sateen Flame Retardant EZ Filter Pack, 21.75-inch depth x 12.88-inch width x 6.50-inches long, for Cabinet 50 and other brands of baghouse collectors. [See More]

  • Applications: Dust Collector
  • Length: 6.5
  • Construction: EZ Filter Pack
  • Width / Ring: 12.88