Dial / Analog / Direct Reading Scale Air Gages Datasheets

Compact Length Measuring Instrument - Millimar -- C1245 PE
from Mahr Inc.

Product features. When using pneumatic compact length measuring instruments it is recommended at all times to use a supply filter (see accessories). Analog pointer device for displaying the measured value. Two-line LCD for displaying measured values and help texts. 5-color status lamps for warning... [See More]

  • Display: Dial / Analog / Direct Reading; Digital Display
  • Measurement Scale / Units: Metric
  • Gage / Instrument Type: Air or Pneumatic
  • Measuring Range: 0.0013 to 0.0030
Air Gaging Systems
from Edmunds Gages

Amplifier or scale with required air tooling, connectors & hose assemblies [See More]

  • Display: Dial / Analog / Direct Reading (optional feature); Digital Display (optional feature)
  • Measurement Scale / Units: English (optional feature); Metric (optional feature)
  • Gage / Instrument Type: Custom Gage or Gaging System; Air or Pneumatic; Electronic (optional feature); Pin or Plug Gage (optional feature); Ring Gage (optional feature); Snap Gage (optional feature); Gaging System or Station; Go / No-Go, Attribute, or Functional
  • Measuring Range: 0.1200 to 6.01