CAD / CAM Support Motor and Generator Winding Services

Custom Motor & Generator Manufacturing Services
from Swiger Coil Systems, A Wabtec Company

. Swiger Coil Systems manufactures new motors and generators for International OEMs. We manufacture hundreds of motors and generators per month. All motors and generators are built and tested to OEM designs and specifications. We do not design our own motors, we build motors to OEM specifications. [See More]

  • Services: Design; Prototyping; Production; CAD/CAM Support; RewindRefurbish; StatorAssembly; Motor Form Coils
  • Motor Type: Brushless; Brush; Linear; Servo; Stepper; SwitchReluctance; PowerGenerator; Torque; Traction
  • Company Information: Swiger Coil Systems manufactures armature, stator, main field, interpole and specialty coils for all kinds of electric motors and generators. Swiger also offers complete repair and rewinds of electric motors and provides all types of coils and coil kits.
  • Phase: Singlephase; Polyphase