Switch Reluctance Motor Motor and Generator Winding Services Datasheets

Swiger Coil Systems, A Wabtec Company
from Swiger Coil Systems, A Wabtec Company

At Swiger Coil Systems, A Wabtec Company SCS is synonymous with Superior Customer Service. Swiger Coil Systems sales and production team are focused as one dedicated business unit emphasizing service, quality and rapid delivery. At Swiger Coil, we are eager to earn your business. Manufacturing coils... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Brushless; Brush; Linear; Servo; Stepper; SwitchReluctance; PowerGenerator; Torque; Traction
  • Phase: Singlephase; Polyphase
  • Company Information: Swiger Coil Systems manufactures armature, stator, main field, interpole and specialty coils for all kinds of electric motors and generators. Swiger also offers complete repair and rewinds of electric motors and provides all types of coils and coil kits.
  • Industry Served: Aero; Automotive; Industrial; Marine; Medical; Military; MotionControl; PowerGeneration; Transportation