Biotechnology Structural Component Fabrication Services Datasheets

Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc.
from Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc.

FFI designs, produces, and fabricates structural components and systems for a number of industries. In house molding capabilities allow FFI to produce a wide array of structural components that can be used in fabrications. [See More]

  • Industry: Agricultural; Biotechnology; Building and Construction; Chemical Processing; Energy; Environment; Food and Beverage; General Industrial; Metals and Mining; Pulp and Paper; Petroleum; Water and Wastewater
  • Certifications: NSF-61
  • Company Information: We have the capacity and experience to fully design, engineer, and fabricate an unlimited number of custom FRP products using a variety of structural FRP shapes, plates, and other FRP components for creative and unique solutions.
  • Materials: Fiberglass